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07-09-2014, 23:57
Old Commodore Miller has his small squadron taking on fresh water and supplies on the western coast of Africa. He is an old sailor of New England stock, having begun his Naval career sailing as a privateer during the revolution and rising through the ranks. The squadron have just received a mail sloop with instructions to seize a Spanish vessel burdened with treasure from South America. It appears that the Spanish have been making overtures of war, trying to carve out some new colonies in the American south. America can not let this happen, otherwise she will forever be a puppet on the string of European masters......

Commodore Miller that evening calls a council of war aboard his flagship, the Essesx. Also in his squadron is the young and reckless Lt. Hill, commanding the General Greene, who has been pining for glory since the squadron left Boston on a mission of protecting American interests and showing the flag in the Med. Commodore Miller informs Lt. Hill of their orders to sink the Burque de Plata, a Spanish ship loaded with treasure. Both captains agree that the ship must be taken, and to sink such a fine prize would be a great waste. They move on an intercept course, determined for glory.

A first light the Spanish ship is spotted, and the American squadron uses the better part of the morning sailing to an intercept course. Finally around noon the ships close in to range.


Opening maneuvers see both American ships turn towards the Burque de Plata in an attempt to get her to strike without firing a shot.


After the Burque refuses to strike, both American ships turn towards the Spanish vessel, determined to capture their prize. As the ships close, Commodore Miller calls for the Spanish to surrender once again. His demand is met with a sharp raking broadside upon the General Greene off of his starboard side. The front raking shot is devestating to the General Greene, but the ship is still more than fit for battle. Lt. Hill is determined now more than ever to capture the Burque.


Now that the Americans know she refuses to surrender, they make preparations to reduce the Burque by any manner. After a few minutes have passed, the American vessels are in a near perfect position. with both ships able to fire both muskets and a broadside upon the Burque de Plata. She is able to fire off her Starboard side and return musket fire also. Her gunners are unfortunately still reloading the Port side, therefore the General Greene escapes further damage at this juncture.


Damage Cards at this point



General Greene


Burque De Plata


The Burque breaks contact, as does the Essex, but Lt. Hill aboard the General Greene gives case, determined to capture his prize and make a name for himself. Both the General Greene and the Burque exchange another round of Musketry.


The Essex has brought herself around again and the Burque, having turned into the wind, is in a very dangerous position. With the Essex at her rear and the General Greene having brought herself alongside, a sharp exchange of both musketry and cannon fire explodes from all three vessels. The General Greene is hit hard once again. The broadsides and crack fire from the American Marines have the Burque's deck awash in blood, with nary a man left to even strke her colours. Lt. Hill boards the Burque to claim her as a prize.

Final ship cards:

Burque De Plata




General Greene


If I have made any mistakes of forgot to do anything please be kind, I really did enjoy playing this scenario. Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, and I picked the Naval Jack just to be a tad bit different with my pictures. I also forgot to use the commodore's reload ability during the firt playthrough, although I don't think the outcome would have changed much due to the Burque's major damage being all crew based.


Thought the scenario played really well. I got super lucky with some of my damage. Even then I almost lost a Frigate.
Went back and played it again with special damage and advanced rules. The Essex blew up due to double fire and bad luck and both the Burque and General Greene sunk the same turn due to a fire/ leak combo.

Lt. Hill/ General Greene/ +5 points for capture of the Burque/ Return to port with no major crew damage. However ship is almost destroyed
Comm. Miller/ Essex/ no points/ returns to port with no major crew damage

PLEASE BE KIND! This is my first AAR and only 2nd solo game.

:thumbsup: to all!

soul taker
07-10-2014, 07:44
Nice job and a fun way to start my work day off. Guess I need to hurry up and play my game.

Comte de Brueys
07-10-2014, 08:50
Great AAR, Charles.

I like to see US frigates in combat.

It's really time for the USS Constitution. :pray:

Good wrk of the US captain's & crew. This raking shot of the Spanish SoL took the Gen. Greene almost out of combat. :shock:

Good fight and well earned prize, comrade. :salute:

07-10-2014, 10:08
What fun! Thanks for the AAR; great commentary and photos. I'm with Sven on bringing on the USS Constitution and US frigates.

Congrats on you haul of gold!! Should be more than enough funds there to repair the Gen. Greene. :salute:

07-10-2014, 11:11
Nice job! It's good to see the fledgling US Navy get into action

07-10-2014, 12:01
Nice job using substitutes for U. S. ships. Shows we need U. S. ships for SOG. Looking forward to your future AARs.:thumbsup:

07-11-2014, 12:41
Although the American Navy during the War of 1812 has primarily held my interest, your AAR got me to thinking about the 1799 navy and doing a little research on ships during that period that were no longer around by the War of 1812. The book I use the most is The American Sailing Navy by Chapelle and thought you might be interested in it as you progress through the solo campaign. Here is a link to the book review I did on it:


It is pretty cheap on Amazon and eBay.

07-11-2014, 13:21
I will have to check it out. Thank you!

07-13-2014, 14:14
Also, I understand that Lt. Hill got 5 points for the succesful capture of the Burque, but do both captains also get an additional one with the completion of the mission?

07-14-2015, 10:56
:salute: Well here I am joining the comments a year after the event.
It is great to witness my first engagement between the U.S. and a Spanish ship.
Well played the Americans, with all the dash I would expect from you.
A fine prize indeed.:clap: