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Comte de Brueys
07-08-2014, 05:39
Island of Martinique , Harbor of Fort-de-France

It’s mid Fructidor, year one of the young French Republic (September 1793). Whole Europe is at war with France. A courier ship, the Alligator brought bad news, that a combined Anglo-Spanish fleet has captured Toulon, main harbor of the French fleet. :Arrrr:


The squadron of citoyen contre-amiral Brueys d’Aigalliers with the mighty flagship Orient has no new orders from Paris and no supplies of course. :sad:

So the Admiral detached two frigates under the command of citoyen capitaine de frégate Marechallannes and citoyen capitaine de frégate Casbianca for raids against trade ships and smaller vessels.


Two weeks later, capitaine Marechallannes’ Hebé class frigate Carmagnole and capitaine Casabianca’s Amazon class frigate Embuscade encountered a Spanish 3rd rate ship of the line. Thank god is wasn't a British one, otherwise they had to avoid a fight at all cost.

(In general the French fleet had a lack of good crews this times. So a lot a training would be needed before to mess with the best in such a situation.)


Overestimating his position, citoyen Marechallannes tried to demand a handover of the ship to the Navy of the French Republic, but the Spanish opened fire before the Carmagnole was able to sent the message via flag signals. :shock:


Both frigates returned fire on the insulting Spanish ship.


The next exchanged broadsides were devastating for the Carmagonle and her opponent.


Of course, the sturdier Carmagnole tried to shield the smaller Embuscade, but paid a high price for this headless attack.


The Spanish ship gained more room to maneuver and used the better wind conditions to escape.


…but the French were not willing to let it escape.


The Spanish commander realized that he can’t get rid of those greedy bloodhounds.


So he turned portside and sent the Carmagnole another cannon salvo.


Marechallannes’ decision, to hold back fire, granted a short range broadside. He attacked in the best manner of the young high motivated French commanders, but the Spanish 3rd rate was still in a good condition.


So the price for his action was paid with a raking shot through the rear side of his frigate.


The battle continued, but the Carmagnole was nearly defeated. The upper deck was covered with wounded sailors and only a few cannons were manned.


The Spanish ship turned into the wind and was taken aback.


When it turned portside again it took the Carmagnole out of the battle with the rear left broadside.

Citoyen capitaine de frégate Marechallannes had no other option then to try to keep his ship afloat. :surrender:

Around 50 percent of his crew were able to fight the sinking of the ship. :help:


The Embuscade was still intact and cared to fight off the Spanish and to help their comrades as soon as possible.

The center arc broadside hit the enemy 3rd rate hard.

(I apologize, because I thought the French Amazon class frigate Embuscade had a 4 damage center broadside – like the British frigates, instead of a 3 damage center broadside.:smack:)


Capitaine Casabianca grabbed his chance and closed the distance between his ship and the enemy, when he realized, that the resistance of the Spanish ship get lower & lower.

Musket fire and cannon shots were exchanged.


The enemy had to avoid a collision with the Carmagnole and had no option to pass the French on the starboard side.


This action sealed his fate, when a devastating close range raking shot from the Embuscade made the Spanish Captain to surrender and put down the flag.

A French boarding command took over the Spanish ship and forced the survivors to row with the ship’s boats to the nearby Carmagnole for repairs.


The search of the Spanish ship’s cargo hold offered 100 chests of rough coined silver doubloons. :clap:

No wonder that the Spanish weren’t willing to surrender without a battle. This treasure was exactly what the young French Republic needed to continue the fight versus Europe's monarchs. :salute:

Comte de Brueys
07-08-2014, 05:39
Result: French victory!

+5 points for capturing Buque de Plata (eliminated by filling all crew boxes, with at least one empty hull box) (accomplished)
-3 points for each player frigate eliminated (Carmagnole defeated)

+2 at all :wink:

Capitaine de frégate Joseph Marechallannes / returned to port / no victories
Capitaine de frégate Luc-Julien-Joseph Casbianca / returned to port / captured 1 ship

Hebé class frigate Carmagnole under the command of citoyen capitaine de frégate Joseph Marechallannes:


Amazon class frigate Embuscade under the command of citoyen capitaine de frégate Luc-Julien-Joseph Casbianca:


Spanish Bellona class 3rd rate ship of the line Buque de Plata:



I played the scenario with advanced rules moving and sail setting for the French. (no crew actions)

I didn't use special damages, because we have no solution to integrate it into gaming. I think if we do so, the AI ships need to suffer special damages, too. Maybe we can skip the crew actions for the AI ships, repair, reload, fire, etc. go automatically, because to use them only for own ships seems a little bit unfair to me at the moment. :surrender:

AI ship moving:

I like the system! :thumbsup:

Sometimes I forgot to care for the "half ruler free space in front of the AI ship" rule. So I need more training.

Only one game mat reduce the movement options for the AI ships a little bit in my opinion. On the other hand, with two planed maneuvers it wasn't easy to hunt the AI ship. I have to improve on my planings.


Even with the bigger burden value Hebé class frigate I nearly lost the battle. Though fight with two frigates versus a 3rd rate. Fortunately it wasn't a RN ship.:takecover:

Unfortunately I used once a higher combat value for the Embuscade's center broadside. :smack: I hope you will forgive this mistake.

The last salvo of Embuscade was a really lucky one (B-damage crew/crew/crew/0/2). The moment the Spanish SoL took out the Carmagnole, I wanted to see this 3rd rate dead, I thought on loading grape shot, but refused and stayed with ball ammo! :Arrrr:
Eliminated own frigate:

How to handel this? :question:


A good one. Thank you Fred.

It leaves all the free space to create your own background story.

soul taker
07-08-2014, 09:34
Nice AAR Sven it made for an enjoyable read. Congratulations on your success.

07-08-2014, 09:41
Congratulations to Capitaine de frégate Luc-Julien-Joseph Casbianca!! A very enjoyable and exciting AAR! Thanks for the pleasurable early morning reading!! :thumbsup: :salute:

07-08-2014, 17:24
Vive la France! Great report Sven, thanks!

Comte de Brueys
07-08-2014, 23:37
Thank you, comrades.


Jack Aubrey
07-09-2014, 00:18
Perfect, Sven..:thumbsup:

07-09-2014, 02:51
Enjoyed the battle. Thanks Sven.:drinks:

07-17-2014, 19:25
Nice AAR, now try it with a British third rate with average crew, to see how the Frigates will fare.


Comte de Brueys
07-20-2014, 07:23
This is the mission of a solo campaign, Shane. :wink:

The Spanish 3rd rate was part of the setting.

My French will get a malus in fight with the Royal Navy ships. (Need twice the time to reload)

07-20-2014, 07:45
Nice report Sven I'll be using only basic rules for mine so no rakes!

Comte de Brueys
07-20-2014, 07:58
Ok, I'm curious, Daniel.

07-20-2014, 08:09
Ok, I'm curious, Daniel.

Well I haven't written it yet :wink: Will be done before months end though!

C.F. de Galarza
07-22-2014, 02:42
Great work :thumbsup:

Comte de Brueys
07-25-2014, 13:25
Thank you Chritophe.

It's not too late to join us.

We need more French or French Allies captains. :wink:

C.F. de Galarza
07-25-2014, 14:11
Monsieur Comte de Brueys, You must read this:

07-25-2014, 22:20
Thank you for a detailed and interesting A.A.R..

07-14-2015, 11:10
I am really enjoying catching up with these AARs Sven.
A totally different take on the action here and a close run thing to boot.
I must try this one when I catch up with this year's AARs.
It will give me a chance to have a go with the Spanish ships.

Union Jack
07-14-2015, 11:39
Either way you did very well Sven. Couldn't make out clearly but was Carmagnole sunk? I know all the hull boxes were full but if you were playing full rules could you not remove one hull damage box and save the ship?

Comte de Brueys
07-14-2015, 23:44
Thank you gentlemen.

This was my one and only SoG solo AAR so far.

Unfortunately I have no motivation (and time) to continue with the AARs at the moment... :smack::question::surrender:

... Couldn't make out clearly but was Carmagnole sunk?...

I don't tink so, Neil.

The ship stroke the colours and need a lot of repairs, but Embuscade saved the day.

07-15-2015, 04:27
That is a great shame Sven. As you know I vastly enjoy your contributions in both worlds. However, I too find time for all these different things difficult to manage sometimes. It is occasionally better to let one thing go and then return to it refreshed later on.
Thanks for the one you have posted. You know it was appreciated.