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Comte de Brueys
07-04-2014, 23:12
Here is the AAR of another SoG game from Origins. The two hour scenario was the first SoG game at the convention.


Eric (7eat51) explained the basic rules. He did a very good job and raised the complexity during the game. Two planed maneuvers, different ammo, setting sails, etc… :thumbsup:

His wife Susan enlisted first for the French side, but changed sides right before the game started.


The British captains.

They had an Amazon class frigate (Susan) and two 3rd rates.

The mission objective was the damaged/disabled HMS Royal Sovereign, a 1st rate, in the middle of the table.

The order of the French Fleet was to destroy or reduce the crew of the 1st rate to zero to win. The Royal Navy had to defeat the French before this would happen.


Here you can see the wind directon and the ships after the second movement.


Two French capitaines de vaisseau - confident of victory.:salute:

I had a few good games at Origins with Lane (gamer to the left). Unfortunaetly we weren’t on the same side during the Yorktown Battle at saturday. His dive bomber’s rear gunner shot down my F4F-3 Wildcat.


Lane’s French 3rd rate Aquilon sent the first broadside to the disabled HMS Royal Sovereign.

The 1st rate wasn’t allowed to return fire.


The French frigate joined in, ignoring Susan’s frigate that was a little bit aside.

Have a look on the long range damage token it exchanged with the British 3rd rate. Only zeros.

My French ship, Le Berwick fired upon, Aquilon’s (Lane) nearby opponent.


A collission happened between the Aquilon and the British 3rd rate.

Teh ship to the left is Susan’s frigate. The French frigate headed to the upper left, away from the main action.
A difficult situation for my ship, because the collided RN ship didn’t move, Le Berwick, was among two opponents now. :shock:

But the French side had luck during the game with the picked out damage tokens.:happy:


Lane & me finally managed to turn around the disabled HMS Royal Sovereign and used it as a barrier versus British broadsides.


The end of the game.

The steady concentrated fire on the hughe 1st rate brought it finally down.

A victory for the French side. :steer:

This was my first Sails of Glory game at a official convention and it was a great experience. I'm very proud on my Origins participant medal. :medal:

By the way: The best three captains of the game won a series two SoG ship as a price. :minis:

07-05-2014, 12:15
Very nice AAR Sven! Congrats at your convention medal :drinks:

07-05-2014, 13:50
Wow -- all these French victories.... >;)

07-05-2014, 14:05
Another excellent AAR. Thank you for the detail and visual bounty. It was very enjoyable reading. :thumbsup:

07-05-2014, 14:26
One of the things I enjoyed about this game, as well as all the games, was the spirit of the participants. It was a lot of fun watching good people have a lot fun with each other. Everyone was willing to try things; there was no rule lawyering or alpha gaming; it was a great experience witnessing that game after game.

Sven, you well deserved your medal. Your presence was a real boon to us all. We will raise a glass in your honor next year.

07-05-2014, 14:51
Excellent report and photos Sven. :thumbsup:

09-05-2015, 03:07
Most enjoyable Sven.
I'm still catching up with all these reports I missed, but this has a bit of everything.
I love the identification of players. More faces to names, and the flags identify the ships likewise.
Ideas for me to take on board I fancy.

Union Jack
09-06-2015, 00:23
I know this is from last years con but cheers for raising it to the fore Rob as I completely missed this one. Certainly Sven's way of identifying ships with flags and names is something I wish to expand in my AAR's. It can get awefully confusing without.

Nice to see Eric at the helm again me now being a time traveler and seeing him at the helm a year before seeing him at the helm so to speak.


09-06-2015, 02:08
Watch this space then Neil, as I trawl through all the AARs and shows I missed. I'm just starting to see how much I missed out on by being so busy with Wings for so long.

Comte de Brueys
09-07-2015, 00:49
Most enjoyable Sven.

Thank you, Rob.

To play SoG at Origins under Eric's advice was an unique experience.

...and I have to say that SoG unfolds it's potential with 6+ players, each commanding one ship.

09-07-2015, 00:55
I have only experienced one multi player game with more than four ships a side Sven, but am sure that it is an experience well worth having.
To be one of Nelson's Captains in Line of Battle, or in this case one of Eric's.
Now that would really be something.