View Full Version : New Sloops, are they worth it?

Jack Tar
07-03-2014, 14:27
So I am getting together my order of wave 2 ship and I was wondering if anyone had some feedback on the sloops, good or bad? I am considering picking a few of them up but then again I am not sure if I will like using them. My gut is not to get them since they will probably get destroyed pretty quick. Anyway, I just wanted to get some other opinions before I pull the trigger.


07-03-2014, 15:07
I think they have a place in the game... they're quickly and easily toasted by even a 32 in a stand-up fight, which means you want to play them more in "Get Off The Map" scenarios, or maybe in bulk quantities.

Anyone tried a Sloop Spam flotilla against a frigate yet?

07-03-2014, 15:26
I'm planning on using then for lake, shore patrol, and privateer duties, sometimes combating shore batteries, etc. I did not anticipate using them against larger class ships unless they are in a group as DB mentioned.

07-03-2014, 16:25
Yeah, I would go slow with them, unless you have a purpose in mind. Maybe buy one and mess around with it.

I was thinking of making a Hornblower-inspired scenario (can't remember if it was Hotspur or Atropos), where Hornblower in a sloop tries to help a British compatriot who is outmatched. Maybe Propsperine vs. Terpsichore+Swan or something like that.

In a properly crafted campaign they might have a place. I've been coming to understand a little better how important frigates and sloops were for the fleets to have, even if they bowed out of the big battles. I have created a campaign engine for the PC, which I am excited about, but I haven't really had time to play it yet. It will allow ships and fleets to maneuver in a strategic context, hopefully generating SoG battles with some context/wider significance. If I ever get around to it, I think sloops will have a part to play, but they will probably still try to avoid battles, and hence not show up in the SoG part too often. But every once in a while they may take on another sloop, or gang up on a frigate in an even fight, or possibly be pinned against a shoreline and be hunted down...

07-03-2014, 16:36
Haven't got any yet. If I do it will be to use as a merchantman or some odd smaller ship. It just doesn't fit in with the time period I'll be collecting.

Jack Tar
07-03-2014, 18:11
I was thinking of making a Hornblower-inspired scenario (can't remember if it was Hotspur or Atropos)

Hotspur was the sloop, the Atropos was a rated ship later on in the C. S. Forester series. The real work horses of the flee were the sloops and frigates. The larger rates ships were essentially like the U.S. carrier groups, display and project a nations power and also to show that nations interest in a certain area.

07-03-2014, 22:00
If we eventually get some small merchantmen, a sloop could be used in a 'raid on inshore shipping' scenario.

07-03-2014, 22:09
I haven't played with the sloops, but I am interested in experiencing how they impact the feel of the game. One thing they might encourage is some interesting setups regarding the use of the shore tiles. I can easily envision creating a decent size river with tiles on both sides, and maybe a shore battery with lower stats.