View Full Version : Contest mission "Action of 8th march 1795" historic scenario

Comte de Brueys
07-01-2014, 02:04
I uploaded my Sails of Glory contest entry mission in the file section.

(Thank you Eric for the approval :wink: )

It's scenario is a battle between a French frigate & a damaged British 3rd rate.

The historic background is the so called: "Action of 8th march 1795"


soul taker
07-01-2014, 07:15
Looks interesting Sven, I’m going to have to try this one out.

07-01-2014, 08:38
I like the scenario a lot Sven, especially the initial damage to the Berwick. It is a fine way of creating a duel with a bit of flavor. I will definitely use and share this with others. :thumbsup:

07-01-2014, 08:44
Interesting read.

I'd like to give it a try using the solo play rules.

Did you ever played it yourself? If so, what was the result?

Comte de Brueys
07-01-2014, 14:21
Playtested it once.

The frigate has an advantage with the wind direction.

The scenario favours the French a bit. :salute:

07-01-2014, 17:38
The scenario favours the French a bit.

Hmmm. Why am I not surprised? :wink: