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06-08-2014, 18:15

The HMS Vanguard gets closer to the peninsula and launches a longboat with troops.
After sailing round the top of the peninsula the fort comes in sight and the HMS Vanguard fires her first broadside on it.
A few seconds later the alarmed fort fires back.


The troops are landing unsighted and march to the east part of the fort.
Meanwhile the HMS Vanguard draw the attention of the fort and involves it to a hot battle.

Finally the English infantry troops reach the fort and start an attack.
(I used adjusted moving and boarding rules for infantry movement and capturing)
A bloody close combat breaks out.


The battle smoke takes off with the wind and only a little few English troops are left in the fort.

Shortly after the fort was captured the French frigate Unité in the port tries to set sails for escape.
But the victorious infantry in the fort readying some guns to fire them at the escaping ship.

A big water leak and some dead crew members on the French frigate.
But the ship still tries to leave the port and sets more sails.


The HMS Vanguard spots the escaping frigate and increases her sails to intercept.
Can the French frigate elude?

But the English Ship of Line has the windward advantage and the French coast in lee is dangerously near: The English ship comes closer and closer.

Both ships are now in reach and fire their broadsides.
The much more powerful HMS Vanguard cause considerable sail- and rudder-damage to the French frigate.
The foremast breaks and the Unité begins to fishtail.


The English captain, recognizing the advantage, tries to come in front of the French to board the ship.
Hastily the guns are loaded with chain balls.


Full raking broadside through the bug of the French frigate (with just some damage), while she can only answer with her muskets.


Now the English boarding commando tries to capture the Unité.
But they can’t reach her and a lot of English boarders run into the deadly fire of the well positioned French muskets.


Also a second boarding attempt failed so the Unité can slide away from the HMS Vanguard.
The wind catches her sails and she begins to accelerate.

Meanwhile the English sailors itself set sails.
But many were lost and it takes time to accelerate the bigger Ship of Line too.

The ships are now running side by side and fire against a hasty broadside from close range.
Both sides takes casualties.


But the HMS Vanguard lost too many good sailors and is too slow to trace the French frigate.
So the frigate, with heavy structural damage but more speed, can escape into the saving open sea.


On the one hand, the strategy of the HMS Vanguard was good, but she had a lot of bad luck with her boarding attempts.
On the other hand, the French Unité made some clever decisions with better gun loading to take focus on the English crew.
With the luck on her side she was able to escape in spite of mast damage and weaker gun power.
But the royal navy seek revenge!

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This game was a lot of fun playing. Hope you enjoyed the Report :salute:

06-08-2014, 23:22
That definitely looked like it was fun to play. Excellent photos and very enjoyable reading the AAR!! :thumbsup:

06-09-2014, 00:13
fun battle! cool scenario, great AAR and pictures, and I like the painted spars on Unite.

One quibble--didn't Vanguard strike? How embarrassing for the RN :embarass: :happy:

06-09-2014, 01:01
Very nice AAR, Matthias. Batteries, broadsides, and boarding - what fun.

Thanks for posting.

Comte de Brueys
06-09-2014, 01:27
Nice AAR, Matthias.

Good quality pictures and well presented.

In general you have more options and chances to get better pictures in a single player scenario, then in a multiplayer battle.

06-11-2014, 14:51
:happy: thanks guys for the reputation.

I liked the idea with land units so I designed a special infantry log for that scenario.

10217 :takecover:

08-23-2015, 04:53
Charming little action Matthias and has firmed up an idea that I was toying with earlier.
The doubling up of the cards to make a peninsular is also something new to me and will undoubtedly figure in a future action.
Also, thanks for the demonstration of how to attack land based fortifications using the boarding rules.:salute:

Union Jack
08-23-2015, 08:02
Well done Mathias and what a great idea for an infantry card. May I have your permission to copy and try for myself?

08-23-2015, 08:56
I would like to ask you the very same question as Neil Matthias.

08-23-2015, 10:19
An excellent AAR, Matthias! :clap: Could you perhaps write up your infantry assault rules and submit them as a File?

08-24-2015, 03:55
Thanks for your comments. Feel free to use the infantry log as you like.

At the moment I'm on vacation so not in reach for the special rules I made for the infantry. I also designed a "sailors on land" and a "longboat" log. Next week I'm back home. Then I can provide you with the stuff.

08-24-2015, 07:21
That will be most gracious of you Mattias.

Union Jack
08-24-2015, 15:40
That would be great Mathias, opens up new possibilities for the game.


Salem Vendari
09-07-2015, 04:26
Fantastic scenario, Mathias. Love the use of land combat to take the fort.