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05-27-2014, 06:58
Hello everybody :)

I see i bought the game just before the wave 2 release, so i'm very happy about it :D
(not very much when i'll need to buy new ships because in Italy there aren't many SoG retailers :cry: )

I was wondering how to expand the base set: i'd like to buy sooner or later the mats with islands and coasts, but what about the ships?

For now i just noticed that French side is a little more powerful than the English one (even if more agile), but i'd like to buy some new ships to increase the fun :P

Which ships do you suggest? I'd like to have balanced groups, so i was thinking of a 3 hull english frigate and a 2 hull french one...

Are there any "standard" ratios between ships? Like having 2 frigates equals having one ship-of-the-line?

Also, i have my sister who loves playing, but we're usually playing in 3...do you think splitting in 3 sides would be too messy (obiouvsly not playing the "regular" scenarios) or could be fun?

Thank you in advance :)

HMS Lydia
06-07-2014, 11:34

You can expand the base set ships by playing other ships in the same classes. Their were quite a few of the Temeraire Class 74 gun SoLs. Also, the Amazon class 32 gun frigates there were about double the number as Ares issued. The French Concorde and Charmante class frigates are about maxed. But were very similar to the Sybille's (not the Same Sybille as the Hebe class ship). The British 2nd rate SoLs represent 3 classes so they are expandable as well.