View Full Version : Wave 1 Ships for sale

05-09-2014, 13:15
I have 8 expansion ships for sale. 4 Frigates consist of: Cleopatra, Concord, Embuscade, and the Hermione. The 4 Ship of the Line consist of: Berwick, Bellona, Impetueux, and Bordeaux. All are new in box. I live in the Orlando area if someone was interested in picking them up without paying shipping. I will sale them individually or sale the lot.

The lot would be $160.00 with local delivery. I would be willing to ship them but would have to add the cost of shipping (no handling fee). If interested in individual ships and/or specific ones let me know. Individual sales would be better if local so shipping does not inflate price.

I had picked up 2 sets of these for myself and a friend. Just found out my friend will not be picking them up due to shipping out on extended tour of duty.