View Full Version : Anchorage photo weirdness

03-21-2014, 23:01
I've found a strange thing when attempting to upload pictures to this site: it doesn't recognise iPad/iPhone image realignment.

If I turn off the orientation lock on my iPad and rotate it so that the camera lens is at the bottom, I get a low-angle but right-way-up image. But if I then upload the image to the Anchorage, the image is inverted. If I then rotate the image in the iPad Photos App (so that it appears inverted on the iPad) and upload that...then it still shows up at the Anchorage as inverted.

This is very weird. It seems that the Anchorage website is determined to display images as they were relative to the physical orientation of the camera, while disregarding any alteration to that.

Has anyone else run into this? Anyone know a way around it?


The Royal Hajj
03-22-2014, 06:50
That is odd. Try saving the image in a simple graphic program and uploading. Or, if you are using Windows, just use the built in rotate feature. Rotate it once and then back to the way you want it and see if that does the trick when you upload it.

03-28-2014, 08:14
It seems to be a purely iPad bit of weirdness; it looks like the rotations applied by the iPad Camera and Photos apps are done in a manner that isn't recognised by anything non-Apple. Shifting them through a laptop and doing the rotations there sorted it, though.

However, a new issue: I uploaded a bunch of photos (a couple dozen or so, but not hundreds) from HMB Endeavour to an album on my profile page, whereupon I received a message saying that my photos were awaiting approval. They've disappeared into the ether since then (about a week ago) with no further update.

Are they likely to be hung up in a spam filter or somesuch?