View Full Version : I would like to ask for help from someone who is computer savvy.

03-13-2014, 18:15
Firstly let me say this is a great game. I love the minis, the combat system, but the move system is a pain. With my disability I have to play the game seated. This makes it nigh on impossible to move ships on the other side of the game mat using the existing card system. Of course my opponents are more than willing to do this, but that means I am not playing, I just become a bystander picking up damage tokens all the time.

I would like to change movement to a hex based system. I have done a few sheets free hand with the possible moves for A-D cards. Now I need to print out the individual cards to the correct size, with one card having one maneuver on it.

I have tried for hours using Paint, but have got no where at all. It is all beyond my comprehension. Is there a fellow Geek who would like to undertake this project for me.

The system would be an arrow from the starting position coloured orange to start with to the first relevant hex and correct facing, then carrying on in green for those moves, again to the correct facing. I need one card per maneuver. so a total of around 150 cards. I haven't counted them so this is just a wild guess, over if anything. Half of which would be doubles, as in the game.

Anyone fancy helping me? Please PM me your email and I will send you what I have done and try to explain more clearly the objectives in mind.

03-13-2014, 19:50
Hi Clive,

PM is on its way.