View Full Version : WTB - Captain Level KS package

03-06-2014, 11:19
I unfortunately didn't discover Sails of Glory in time to be part of the Kickstarter. Also, while waiting for its release to the public, I put in a request from my local game store to bring in everything they could. Gave them a list of all the ships and accessories. The week comes, but I don't hear anything from my store. Three weeks go by, and I call them up asking if they placed they order. They say their distributor didn't get enough copies, and were sold out. I call up every store asking if they can bring it in for me. In the end, I did finally get a Starer Set, two months after launch. As for the first run of ships, and accessories, I only have 1 extra set of additional ship mats.

So, if you're not wanting your Kickstarer package, sell it to a good home! We're (my play group) willing to pay more than the cost of the pledge as well. Message me with what you have. I will update this thread in the event we end up getting pieces that we need.