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03-03-2014, 12:57
Hello all,

I'm working on a set of decks that will hopefully provide colorful and creative encounters that play a little more like something you might read in a Jack Aubrey novel.

Conceptually it looks something like this:

Before the scenario, players each draw a "Disposition" card from the appropriate nation's deck, possibly with a ranking system to ensure that encounters are somewhat fair. This card includes information around ships to place on the table immediately, any special rules associated, as secret information which may be revealed when specific conditions are met.

A "Conditions" card can also be drawn, which outlines any special rules as a result of the weather, or an image of any terrain that should be added to the board.

Below are a few possible examples of each kind of card, just to give an idea. If anyone has any thoughts, feedback or ideas, I would like to hear it.


Disposition Card: Caught alone!
Starting Disposition - You start with a single 32 gun frigate, placed within a ruler of the edge of the map.

Secret information - Your force consists of a squadron of three 32 gun frigates, your starting frigate was separated from the rest of the squadron while pursuing an enemy merchant vessel, which has escaped. While rejoining the other three ships, you have spotted sails on the port horizon, with no sign of friendly ships at this point. On the 6th turn, you must announce that additional sails have been spotted to the east. On the 8th turn, both additional frigates may be placed within a rulers length of the East side of the table.

Disposition Card: Returning for repair and refit.
Starting Disposition - You place a single 74 gun SOL within a rulers width of the center of the map, towards your players side.

Secret Information - Your ship is returning to port having been damaged in a recent exchange when sails are spotted, bearing on your position. You may only use backing or battle sails, never full. In addition, your ship has an irreparable leak, which has forced your crew has to man the pumps on your journey back. Place a leak marker on your ship, which cannot be removed.

Condition Card: Heavy winds and large swells.
Effects - The wind will always be treated as "strong" according to the optional rules. In addition, large swells have formed that force ships with multiple gun decks to close their lower gun ports. Ships with two decks fire at half strength, rounding up. Ships with three fire at 1/3 strength, rounding up. In addition, single deck ships attempting maneuvers greater than 8, or less than 2, take on a single water chit, as the deck is swamped.

Condition Card: Heavy Fog
Effects - Ships are replaced with numbered cards. Neither player may observe the manuever of the other in order to prevent players from identifying ships based on maneuver deck. Ships are immediatly revealed, with the appropriate miniature placed on the table once any enemy ship is within a rulers length.

03-03-2014, 13:34
I really like these ideas. The heavy fog one may be harder to execute though.

03-03-2014, 18:23
This is an interesting idea, especially for a host who is playing - gives a little mystery for him/her as well.

If you need any help with the cards' graphics, let me know. I know someone.

03-03-2014, 18:54
Thanks 7eat51, when I get to that point, I most certainly will. I'm most certainly not a graphic designer!

I'm also excited as the range of available scenario options increases with each new ship released. I've knocked out a few additional ideas. I'll post them when I get the chance.

03-03-2014, 19:00
My wife, Sue, username ling, is a graphic designer. She has made custom cards, etc. for members here and on the Aerodrome. Think about what kind of image you might want on the back of the cards. Once you have a set completed, I encourage you to upload it as a file. If I can be of any assistance, don't hesitate to let me know.

03-03-2014, 22:37
I really like these ideas. The heavy fog one may be harder to execute though.

Maybe having two or three cards per ship (one real, and "dummies" for the rest) would help? Planning would be slower, I agree(specially when not enough maneuver decks available, chosen maneuvers should be written down), but would add to uncertainty.

03-04-2014, 12:33
Nice ideas! Do you play Muskets & Tomahawks by any chance? It has a similar mechanism to impart a story line to the game/scenario.


03-04-2014, 13:16
I have an idea for a card

Disposition - The Prize
You have 2 ships, one of the enemy and one of your faction at a ruler distance from de border.

You start with a ship and a ship of the enemy faction that you have taken as a prize. Both ship are limited in the crew they have, the prize has a prize crew on board. The prize has the first 2/3 of the crew box filled and as such has less actions and damage it can endure an do. The escort has 1/3 of it's crew box filled indicating the crew they have transborded.

Any comments?