View Full Version : Shoals and Reefs

02-28-2014, 08:39
The rules for both Reefs and Shoals state:

"If the ship has a leak (see page 33) it does not take any more water damage because of the leak."

I assume this applies to both current state and future state, so if a ship grounds on a reef or shoal and suffers a Leak hit later in the game it still does not take water damage.

The rules also state:

"If the Sinking Ships optional rule (see page 40) or the Surrendered Ships optional rule (see page 41) are in use, ships cannot sink on a shoal."

Should this also apply to reefs? The Sinking Ships rule is probably irrelevant anyway for the reef since it only comes into play when you take new water damage and a ship run aground will not take water damage. For the Surrendered Ships rule, it seems that just like on a Shoal, a ship run aground on a reef no longer has an "open leak" so it wouldn't sink if it surrenders. Thoughts?

Assuming the above also applies to reefs, wouldn't it make sense to just remove the Leak markers from the special damage box once you run aground?