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02-18-2014, 08:22
It was high time to test my new ships (Starter Set) in a first game. Solo scenario, English Fleet anchored behind an island. My two French ships are sent to attack them.
Wind from the right. Basic rules. I ordered the ships to sail straight against the English ships, counting on surprise, but the Royal Navy was not caught "with the pants down". They were waiting for us with their cannons loaded...


First salvos exchanged. I decided to focus on the English SoL...(no smoke markings used yet...)


English SoL hit!


But the response was accurate!


This is the view from the English side.


To be continued...

02-18-2014, 11:26
Excellent stuff old boy, nice layout look forward to more reports.

02-19-2014, 08:38
The mission has been concluded yesterday and the pictures will follow shortly.
I made one mistake placing ship damage counters on the logs; treated partly damaged locations as usable for a broadside fire, while (as I read afterwards) the rightmost empty location (with no counters on it) shows the current broadside fire. However the error was applied to all ships, no one was favored:)

The basic rules itself were of course easy to grasp (shame on me for the damage error!), but once you play them you realize they are not satisfactory, the game does not shine and becomes somewhat irritating in a way: playing against anchored ships I realized I could not slow down or stop to harass the enemies. I was constantly pushed by the wind with sails unfurled. Bearing in my the reloading procedure there were not many opportunities to fire. Struck sails according to advanced rules would be the only solution. But let's see what happened...

02-19-2014, 09:03
Suddenly the dark clouds gathered above the combatants...

Having wind from the right side, my ships turned to the left hoping for a full broadside fire. The orders were to focus on the SoL Defence. Wind attitude checked, so follow the middle blue line...


Check the wind and turn to the left miraculously avoiding collision!

Both French ships fire at the British SoL. B Counters drawn (by each ship). HMS Terpsichore fired at Unite. The British SoL takes 18 points of damage. Aquilon only 5.

Musketry fire phase. Stiff upper lip! The British Seamen fire more accurately then the French, more numerous crew.

The bills so far.
The French.

The British.

Reloading, but trying to outmaneuver the French in the meantime...I must blow my own trumpet. No collisions, wind running...


Balls loaded...

HMS Terpsichore's line of sight blocked, Aquilon gets a perfect position (Basic rules, no raking shot however...) and HMS Defence is under heavy B damage fire. Her broadside salvo goes to Unite with significant effect.

The French.

The British.

But the wind is pushing my ships away from the anchored fleet...

Unite fires a farewell long distance salvo giving HMS Defence successfully an A counter.

The French intruders sailing away...

The final Bills.



Let's say the game was a marginal French victory. Both ships made a fantastic run in this dire strait between the mainland and the island, penetrated the British secret anchorage and almost sank British ship of the line, escaping with some damage. The French captain Andre surely deserved a medal for bravery, smart maneuvering and good artillery command. I am sure we will hear about him in the coming months. Maybe it's him, who will take command at Trafalgar :wink:

02-19-2014, 12:18
Like the report and nice touch putting the damage by the ship's for photographs. Thanks

02-19-2014, 15:33
Great report!

02-19-2014, 15:36
Very nice report! Thanks for the photos and commentary. :thumbsup:

02-19-2014, 21:19
Thank you for this report. Well done! :thumbsup:

02-20-2014, 06:42
Wonderfully told and visualized AAR, Andrzej. :thumbsup:

Your scenery looks fantastic.

02-20-2014, 07:46
Thank you very much, mates! The game is growing on me and my friends rather quickly :wink: Those who saw the ships and the scenery got already hooked. Right after a short winter ski-break I am organizing a "welcome" battle for my group. :swordright:

02-20-2014, 08:42
Excellent report!

You could still play basic or standard game and house rule the sail settings - allow one step change during the maneuver phase, etc.

02-21-2014, 03:47
Great AAR. French ships missed the opportunity to sink SoL...

02-21-2014, 10:18
Nicely done Andrzej:hatsoff:

Does anyone call you Andy?

03-04-2014, 15:52
Nicely done Andrzej:hatsoff:

Does anyone call you Andy?

:) All chaps I lived with and played games with at Origins called me that way and I love it. It's simpler, shorter and faster for foreigners :wink:

Comte de Brueys
03-07-2014, 12:42
Great AAR, Andrzej!

I like this step-by-step report and the great setting.

I'm proud of the French Captain.

Well maneuvered and shooted. :salute:

Unfortunately I need to reload my rep point guns. Seems that my last salvo hit your awesome gaming mat thread. :takecover:

03-07-2014, 14:55
Oh, thank you very much, Sven:) No problem;) I just wanted to show other forumers that playing this game is FUN! There is a potential in it for newbies-landmen like me and for more experienced sea-war gamers:) As I wrote before, the game IS growing on me constantly! Aye!

10-12-2015, 12:42
Still catching up with these early AARs Andy.
A fine brisk action by the French.:clap: Deciding to concentrate fire on the most dangerous adversary seems to me to pay off most times in this game.:salute:

Union Jack
10-12-2015, 14:57
Rob you keep finding them and I'll keep reading them too. Loved reading this one. A few ideas springing to mind too. Loved the terrain pieces.