View Full Version : Sails of Glory at Game ON! last week

02-10-2014, 16:01
hi Fellas,

Hosted an 11 player game last week at Game ON! outside of Seattle Washington. Most were newbies and all had a great time.

I bought a great mat from Hotz Mats in BC that has 3" hexes on it. I plan to use SoG with Flying Colors. But on the flip side, I tried my hand at adding some foam and such thought it came out okay.

Had a great time.


02-10-2014, 16:12
Looks like it was a great game. Which side won?

02-10-2014, 16:16
I don't even recall. We did SOL's because of how deadly they are and just about everyone did double shot to start the game. I was the first one out. :surrender: and I think the Brits won.

Next year if you play the Grog chit you have to take a shot of it.


02-10-2014, 16:57
Great photos, thanks!! That's a massive pile up of ships in the center!? :shock:

02-10-2014, 20:54
Hi Jeff,

Nicely done.

What amount of the rules did you use? How much time did you have? I will be running some intro games at Origins. The slots are 2 hours. I was thinking about 8 players.