View Full Version : The sideway slip and mast damage

02-07-2014, 05:59
As written elsewhere, i had some difficulties in my first game with the sideway slip card (Veer 5). On all other manouver cards, having an orange or green attitude to the wind doesn't alter the course of my ship, I'm simply not as far on the movement track as I would be under green attitude. But with the sideway slip instead of being on a parallel course as expected I'm now facing almost 45 from my intended course. I do have some difficulties in grasping the concept behind this.

As this is a Veer 5 card, it would allow an experienced player to combine a hard left turn and then using this card to have an immediate right turn. Something which in my opinion seems to be glitching the veer rating of a ship.

And I haven't checked this; is there a maneuver card which would let me finish my intended maneuver (e.g the side slip to the other direction) or do I have to fiddle around with left and right turns until I'm on the right course again (as I did in my first game)?

Next question was regarding increasing sails. In my game one ship lost two masts in a single broadside, I instantly increased sails in order to use the full movement of the last normally planned manouver card before being forced to use the mast broken cards. This, although I think this is accordning to the rules, felt a little bit wrong, as I was able to increase the speed just after having lost two masts. Do I miss something here or is this intentionally? Making sail changes a delayed action or reducing sail status after mast damage to backing sails would feel more right, but I maybe this is a concession for not being able to maneuver from the next turn onwards.