View Full Version : Taken aback and veer

01-25-2014, 14:43
I played my first game today and have a question.

I had my ship turn into the wind, with a move with a veer of 5. When doing the move I changed my card for the red one with a veer of 5. On the next turn I picked a move that put me into a veer of 6, for my second taken aback move, do I pick the veer of the last turn aback to pick my new red card or the veer of the newly choosed move?


The Royal Hajj
01-25-2014, 15:46
You always replace the maneuver card you planned to play that turn with the corresponding taken aback card. So, in this case, you would replace with with the 6+ red card.

01-25-2014, 15:48
Ok, good that's the way I played it.