View Full Version : HMS Renown at Santo Domingo

01-19-2014, 08:03
Well I read the O'Brian books some 15 years ago, but the spouse has apparently "organized" volumes 1-12 so they cannot be found. So I've started reading the Hornblower books to build excitement (they may be more suitable for the kids too)

Anyway, how about a scenario based on the action at Santo Domingo in Lt. Hornblower?

Setting: harbor entrance with some sand bars

-2 forts at entrance (maybe one 7 and one 9 burden?)
-2 frigates (privateers) within harbor

-1 SOL (Renown) outside harbor

Victory conditions:
- SOL sunk or both privateers escape: French major victory
- SOL retreats or one privateer escapes: French minor victory
- Both privateers sunk and SOL escapes: British major victory

Wish I was in a position to try it...

01-19-2014, 09:41
Oh yes, and if playing with the more advanced rules, the British (with the initiative) could choose whatever sails and course, and preplan whatever maneuvers they want (the sand bars might prevent a straight shot in though). The French would have to start with no sails.