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01-01-2014, 12:22
I adapted this from the Warhammer Historical Trafalgar rules. I give more experience because gamers seem to like faster advances

For the campaign, play through each of the five scenarios.

Keep track of experience for each ship. After each game, award experience as follows:
1 point if the ship did not surrender.
1 point if the ship was on the winning side and did not surrender
1 point each time the ship shoots at (artillery or musketry) or was involved in a boarding action during the turn in which that enemy ship surrenders
1 point if the ship removed two crew damage markers because an enemy flagship was eliminated.

Unless the surrendered ship was removed from the game (Ammunition Explosion, Sinking Ships, open leaks or fires) determine if the ship finds its way back to safety. Take two "0" E damage counters and one crew loss counter. Randomly draw one. If the Crew Loss counter is drawn, the ship fails to return and all experience is lost.

For every five experience, randomly give the ship a Captain and Crew Ability card. All damage is repaired between games.