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12-21-2013, 14:39
I also drew the dreaded "N/A" black spot... so, rather than gaming, I'm still thinking about campaigns in which I might someday use my vaporware ships...

Mr. Manley, I appreciated your suggestion about To Glory We Steer. Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, it was easy to obtain for under $5.

I'm still toying with grid-based movement (in order to capture a soupcon more flavor regarding searches, long voyages, chases, etc.) So right now I'm thinking of more-or-less bashing together some ideas from TGWS and the minimalist Heart of Oak campaign rules.

TGWS posits missions like convoys and blockades, which should be straight-forward. But there are also invasions, raids, etc. So, I'm trying to figure out how to handle this kind of action, thereby adding a bit more flavor and, in a way, a minimal RPG dimension.

Still, my main focus is on using such a campaign to create meaningful SoG engagements. This would suggest that whatever "raid" system I use be simple. I would also lean toward coming up with something "SoG compatible," although there's not any real reason for that. Anyway I'm definitely not looking for modelling these kinds of engagements using tactical man-to-man combat systems or Napoleonic land miniatures or anything like that...

Has anyone done anything along these lines before?

Some observations from the bits of SoG info posted online...
- It seems that a Crew Point does not represent any specific number of sailors, but varies with the type of ship. I appears that one crew point is perhaps roughly (10 * the burden of the ship) men.
- The one fortress posted, if following this same formula, would have 900 men. Not sure if this would be accurate or not, nor whether that is a large or small fortress...
- It looks to me like ~120 crew gives one musket shot (?)

Anyway, I'm starting to think that to form a raiding party, a ship must send off crew points equal to 100 men. The main unit of armies could be companies of 100 men. I guess a transport could carry a few of them. They could be used to garrison forts, or for mobile operations or defense.

I suppose a standard battle might involve companies of troops (including fort garrisons and possibly landing parties from ships crews) trading shots at each other using musket chits (or perhaps in some cases "E" boarding chits, and/or cannon chits)

For a raid or cutting out expedition, perhaps the defending units would need to roll for activation, on the assumption of surprise. Those units activated could get a shot off. If the raiding party survives, then it could undertake an action like sabotaging a fort, burning or capturing a ship, etc.

Just some early brainstorming. Anyone have any experience or ideas to riff off that?

David Manley
12-21-2013, 14:42
Did you see the draft rules I wrote for boats, landing parties etc.? Not sure if they survived the website apocalypse.

12-21-2013, 15:00
Did you see the draft rules I wrote for boats, landing parties etc.? Not sure if they survived the website apocalypse.

No I missed that. I did a few searches and found some threads on the general topic, but I don't think any had specific rules attached, unless I had a brain lapse

Where can I find your rules? Thanks!

David Manley
12-21-2013, 15:04
If they aren't in the files section I will see about reposting them. In the meantime PM me your email address and I will send you a copy when I get home tomorrow.