View Full Version : Edition 74 and the Trafalgar supplement from Strategema Games

10-30-2013, 04:23
Not sure if this has ben posted before but there is another game being released very soon on Age of Sail that has some interesting features that could be useful for SOG.

Here is the link to the rulebook

and the game's home apge

They are releasing two games, one with 7 scenarios and called Edition 74, the other is the Trafalgar Edition which is an expansion set but they may release it as a complete game as well. The games are expensive 148euro and 100euro and are only going to be produced in a limited edition. Ships are small wooden models with three removable masts that can have a single coloured mast to indicate being part of a particualr squadron. The model ships are "cute" and functional but the system might be able to be used with SOG ships on a larger hexagonal mat.

Anyway the rules, of which I'm half way through have some interesting twists, use several cards options in places and are more complex than you might have first thought when looking at the game pieces. They have just been to Essen so maybe they have sold out, but worth a read if interested.