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The Mad Hatter
10-28-2013, 19:08
Book Title:
British Frigate vs French Frigate 1793 - 1814, Osprey Duel Series
Mark Lardas
This book provides a great introduction to the frigate battles of the Napoleonic wars. It covers the design and development of both the British and French frigates, specifically illustrating how they were different and the resulting performance of two different design philosophies. It then moves on to the strategic situation of both navies during this period, highlighting how frigates of both nations played into overall naval strategy. It then moves on to the technical specifications of each nations frigates including hull structure and armament differences. It then wraps up the national differences with a historical overview covering the combatants themselves, being the men and officers that served aboard a frigate of the times. The final section details several frigate on frigate engagements during the period and some statistical analysis on a number of British versus French frigate engagements and a short conclusion. The included frigate on frigate engagements reviewed include:

[*=1]Nymphe vs Cleopatre, 18 June, 1793
[*=1]Indefatigable vs Virginie, 20 April 1796
[*=1]Ambuscade vs Baionnaise, 14 December, 1798
[*=1]Sybile vs Forte, 27 February 1799

Why you might want this book: If you are looking for a great general read on British versus French frigate engagements, this is an incredible little read. It gives you the most pertinent detail around how and why the French and British frigates were different and how that impacted the engagements between the two sides. It supports its conclusions through a number of historical engagements and a brief statistical assessment of known frigate engagements between the two sides.

Why you may dislike this book: It's an Osprey book, and as such, tends to be a bit light on detail. While it hits all the relevant topics, you won't find any of the grand profile drawings illustrating the beautiful and sleek lines of frigate class ships. There are other books out there that fill that void. If you're looking for any real detail around a specific vessel or in depth analysis, you'll most likely be disappointed.

Rating- 5/5 stars. Great little book for being only 80 pages. Easily readable on an airplane ride or a Sunday afternoon.

Comte de Brueys
11-03-2013, 13:09
Interesting book.

Unfortunately not in German. :hmmm:

04-11-2017, 08:07
I just read this book and agree with Ryan's original description and analysis of the content. As usual with Osprey books it is aimed mainly at the beginner, but is non the worse for that. i picked up a couple of things of which I was unaware previously, and the Illustrations are of the usual Osprey high standard.
i only wish that we could get a book on the English Frigates similar to their British Napoleonic Ship of the Line.