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09-20-2013, 06:23
As I wasn't sure which might be the correct sub-forum, I posted this thread here. If the answers are not satisfactory, I would like this to be understood as a request for accessories in the Anchorage Store.

I backed SoG at the Lieutenant level with the worldwide option and thus will get 10 (4 from the starter pack, 4 as KS exclusive + 2 as an option choice). According to the information I found in the web, individual ship packs will come with a ship log, a ship card and a maneuver deck. Since I didn't order the additional counter set, I wondering if the basic counters, which I even need on an undamaged ship (ammunition, sails, actions) will be included in ship pack or if I have to order that set of counters. Secondly, I wondered if there will be a ship mat (the thing holding the ship log and where all those counters have to be applied) in those sets. If not, is there a way to obtain these? I didn't see any option for a ship mat on the KS summary.

If all answers to these questions are negative, I would propose to place these items into the anchorage store. Of course I could simply copy those things, but apart from the look on the game table i would like to support the game in all ways I can.

The Royal Hajj
09-20-2013, 07:22
Good questions Sebastian. I'll answer what I know and see if I can find out the answers to the ones I don't.

You are correct about what will come in a ship pack: Mini, base, ship log, ship card, maneuver deck. I've not heard if they will come with additional Action counters.

I've not heard anything at all on obtaining additional ship mats. My guess would be that these will only be available in the Starter Set or any future Rules & Accessories style product due to their size. And before anyone asks, I have no information at all about a R&A style product for SGN :takecover:

I do plan on making some upscale ship mats, very similar to my Deluxe Cockpit for WGF. The ship log that comes with each ship will be inserted into my ship mat. I need to come up with a good name for this product, any thoughts?

I've also tossed around the idea of doing some wooden counters, but have not decided or ran it past Ares yet.

David Manley
09-20-2013, 07:53
If you have a cockpit for your WGF product the ship equivalent would surely be the quarterdeck :)

The Royal Hajj
09-20-2013, 09:13
If you have a cockpit for your WGF product the ship equivalent would surely be the quarterdeck :)

Ah yes, that should do nicely! Thanks mate!

The Royal Hajj
09-20-2013, 09:18
Ares, just answered our questions and then some. So I've put them in a new thread (http://sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?1575-Official-Accessories) so it would be easier for everyone to find.

09-23-2013, 02:36
Thanks Keith for the quick reply to my post, saw it on Friday, but had to work instead of posting.