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12-09-2011, 15:10
he squadrons ranked in order Red, White, and Blue, with admirals ranked according to their squadron:
1.Admiral of the Red (Admiral of the Fleet)
2.Admiral of the White
3.Admiral of the Blue
4.Vice Admiral of the Red
5.Vice Admiral of the White
6.Vice Admiral of the Blue
7.Rear Admiral of the Red
8.Rear Admiral of the White
9.Rear Admiral of the Blue

and a link

The Cowman
12-09-2011, 15:21
"Its good to be the Admiral of the Red" LOL

12-09-2011, 15:22
Indeed, I believe our own The Royal Hajj should fly it!!

12-09-2011, 20:31
Ah you beat me to it that was today's post! My reading leads me to understand that above all these admirals at the time was a position of Admiral of the UK, superior to all of these and again in three co ours. Do you have info on that?

12-09-2011, 20:34
look at this:

12-09-2011, 20:42
Perhaps then admiral of the fleet is sometimes referred to as admiral of the UK in certain texts.

12-09-2011, 20:43
UK ranks not my forte.....sorry.

Comte de Brueys
12-10-2011, 01:42

Think it is a question of time to climb up the ranks.

So if you choose a Rear Admiral for a command whith a numer of ships that fits to this rank, you have to check his colours if you got two or more qualified men for this job.

12-10-2011, 02:58
Quite correct, the date of obtaining Flag Rank (Captaincy) was everything when it cam to seniority in the RN

12-10-2011, 06:02
Dont know if any of you read the link Steve posted to wikipedia regarding Admirals of the Fleet very carefully. There are a couple of interesting "honorary" Admirals...

2nd Aug 1889 Kaiser Wilhelm
11 june 1908 Nicholas II Czar of Russia
27 jan 1910 Prince Heinrich of Prussia

The honorary awards seemed to have stopped then for 78 years when in 1988 they gave it to king Olav IV of Norway (who if you check out his wiki page seemed to collect a vast quantity of such awards including from Ethiopia, Iran, Argentina amongst others)...anyway I digress, I wonder if they had cause to regret a couple of those earlier awards.

Old Salt
12-10-2011, 06:36
To be any Admiral is the best .

Comte de Brueys
12-10-2011, 06:48
That's it!

...and a big first rate to command from!

12-24-2011, 02:56
Returning to the subject of Admirals and the need to reach post captain young


A nice short article on the perils of the system, plus it gives the following figures for 1812 RN

1 Admiral of the Fleet: HRH the Duke of Clarence (1765-1837), appointed 1811.[11] (http://www.napoleon-series.org/military/organization/Britain/Navy/c_flagranks.html#_ftn11)
Admirals (61)

21 Admirals of the Red:
20 Admirals of the White: James Hawkins Whitshed (1762-1849), 12 August 1812
20 Admirals of the Blue: Sir Robert Calder, Bt. (1745-1818), 31 July 1810
Vice-admirals (65)

22 Vice-admirals of the Red: Sir James de Saumerez, Bt. (1757-1836), 31 July 1810
19 Vice-admirals of the White: George Martin (1764-1847), 12 August 1812
24 Vice-admirals of the Blue: Francis Pickmore (1756-1818), 12 August 1812
Rear-admirals (64)

19 Rear-admirals of the Red: Sir Thomas Thompson, Bt. (1766-1828), 12 August 1812
17 Rear-admirals of the White: Thomas Francis Freemantle (1765-1819), 12 August 1812
24 Rear-admirals of the Blue: Sir Richard King, Bt. (1774-1834) 12 August 1812[12] (http://www.napoleon-series.org/military/organization/Britain/Navy/c_flagranks.html#_ftn12)
In 1812, there were also 31 rear-admirals who were considered ‘superannuated’ (incapacitated or disqualified for active duty by advanced age).[13] (http://www.napoleon-series.org/military/organization/Britain/Navy/c_flagranks.html#_ftn13)

I assume the named Admiral is the most senior on each list.