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Cpt Kangaroo
06-27-2013, 10:49
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For a background.

This is a small segment of the overall battle...

The chase after the main engagement of several surviving French and Spanish ships, one in tow, by 5 British ships, all mostly unscathed.

Captain Hardy of the Victory, went to the side of Nelson down in the Cockpit as he lay wounded. He described the state of the battle and the extent of the enemy's capitulation. While it was hard to be very accurate, he was able to convey that he was sure of at least 14 or 15 that had surrendered. Nelson's reply was "that is well, but I had bargained for twenty". In fact, 19 had been taken or destroyed, 3 less than Nelson's goal.

British objective : to maximize the victory conditions by taking as many of the escaping enemy as possible before they could organize and be reinforced.
Victory conditions: every ship taken gives 33%. Three ships taken for total victory.

French and Spanish objective: to escape the board intact, or to hold until other ships could join them.
Victory conditions: 25% for every ship to escape off the board. 4 ships for total victory.


British ship: Conqueror (5) Britannia (6) Ajax (7) Agamemnon (8) Neptune (3)
French ships: Heros (34) Argonaute (44) Indomptable (38)
Spanish ships: Rayo (48) San Fancisco de Asis (49) Montanes (56)