View Full Version : Trafalgar scenario part 1 of 3 VICTORY BREAKS THE LINE

Cpt Kangaroo
06-27-2013, 10:34
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For a background.

This is a small segment of the overall battle...

The Victory and the northern column close with the Santisima Trinidad, the British ended up breaking the line between the Bucentaure and the Redoutable.

Had this maneuver failed, Nelson's battle plan would have been greatly compromised.

British objective: to break the line by isolating 1 ship of the three, and placing two ships in position to fire on the same.

French and Spanish objective: to refuse the advance of the British while retaining line integrity.

(If there are not enough SOL's available, the Santisima Trinidad to the north and the San Leandro to the south can be represented by a frigate for each, as they do not count in the scenario by retaining their position in the line.)


1. Victory
2. Temeraire
3. Neptune
4. Leviathan