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Comte de Brueys
06-09-2013, 04:09
Dear First Sea Lord!

I saw the actual preorders for Sails of Glory in the Aerodrom Accessoires shop.

My first thought was: Wow! Keith managed it to run this shop & two forums, sells WoG miniatures and cares now for the SoG stuff too, with great preorder offers. :erk:

A lot af work, a lot of time and much more outstanding engagement to run the whole stuff & these two forum communities. ...and all this besides familiy, job, proceedings with Ares Games and now the arrangements for the Origins event. :shock:

So I have simply to say thank you for your work and it's an honour to sail in your line. :hatsoff:


Dear forumers - feel free to join and to do our First Sea Lord the honour. :salute:

06-09-2013, 07:38

David Manley
06-09-2013, 14:26
Seconded :)

(as an aside I had the honour to be grilled by THE First Sea Lord during my ship design MSc some years back - a nerve-wrecking experience!)

06-09-2013, 14:57
Hear, hear. To Keith: :hatsoff:

06-09-2013, 16:00
Thanks Keith for all your work and support of the upcoming gaming addiction; Sails of Glory.

06-09-2013, 21:45
Thank you for everything you have done for both communities, Keith.

06-10-2013, 00:38
Third-ed, er...well done, much appreciated.:salute:

06-12-2013, 09:27

Capt P
06-20-2013, 14:51
Got to meet Keith this past weekend and he was involved with the air and sea battles. He also set up the dinner we had on Friday night. Was a very busy person.