View Full Version : Torpedo found

Capt P
05-22-2013, 14:06
Saw this today and thought it was pretty neat so sharing it here. Hope youi all enjoy.

05-22-2013, 18:19
As entertaining as the main topic of the article is, my takeaway thought was "The Navy trains sea lions?"

05-22-2013, 21:26
“There sonar is so sensitive and they are so well adapted to highly cluttered environment they are able to distinguish between a variety of objects,” Harris said.

Maybe I need to get some dolphins in my classes.

Jack Aubrey
05-22-2013, 23:28
Think we need some housebrew rules in SoG for that....:sly:

Bye the way: when I read the "What`s new" headings this morning, I read "Torpedo found in Wardroom...".......:dazed: