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05-08-2013, 17:04
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The Naval Institute Historical Atlas of the U.S. Navy Author:
Craig L. Symonds, cartography by William J. Clipson ISBN:
1-55750-984-0 Category:
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An atlas with maps of Naval and Marine engagements from Day One up to the end of Desert Storm. Parts I (The American Revolution 1775-1783), II (The Age of Sail 1783-1812) and III (The War of 1812, 1812-1815) are the only sections that fully concern this game, but the first three maps of Part IV (Pirates, Explorers, and War with Mexico 1815-1860) will have interest to fans of the Barbary Wars and the last days of piracy. Our Axis & Allies War at Sea alumni will also appreciate the coverage of that conflict. Looks to me like a potentially valuable scenario-design tool for those who want to do American Revolution, Barbary Pirates or War of 1812 games.

Rating: Usually, I only have two ratings I give things-- Would Buy/Buy Again or Would Not Buy/Buy Again. This one is something I just happened to see on the library's shelves near the table I was parked at waiting for a study-room to open up today, so I grabbed it and gave it a read, but I WILL be acquiring a copy for my own library ASAP.

05-08-2013, 21:18
Thanks for the info and recommendation.

Just ordered from amazon for $3.35. Many used copies at good prices: