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04-23-2013, 19:17
I don't know if this is more Mission Discussion or Historical, but I was thinking a series of threads on the historical OrBats for major engagements, with notes on existing or announced-as-planned sculpts and questions about the stumbling points on my research for future sculpts, might help us brainstorm for future waves.

So, let's start at the Big Kahuna...

Battle of Trafalgar, 21 Oct 1805

Combined French
Combined Spanish

1745 Est 100: HMS Britannia
Victory 100: HMS Victory
one-off 136 Santisima Trinidad [future Special]
Santa Ana 112: Santa Ana, Principe de Asturias
Rayo 100: Rayo

Neptune 98: HMS's Neptune, Temeraire, Dreadnought
London 98: HMS Prince

ex-FR Tonnant 80: HMS Tonnant
Slade 74 family: HMS's DEFENCE, BELLEROPHON, Defiance, Thunderer
Canada 74: HMS Orion
Ajax 74: HMS Ajax [Lg. version Slade 74]
ex-FR Temeraire/clone 74: HMS's Spartiate, Belleisle, Achille
Colossus 74: HMS Colossus
Courageux 74: HMS's Leviathan, Minotaur
Mars 74: HMS Mars
Swiftsure 74: HMS Swiftsure
one-off (nd: Temeraire derivative?) 74 HMS Conqueror 1801
one-off 74 HMS Revenge 1805 [Temeraire?]
Intrepid 64: HMS Polyphemus
Inflexible 64: HMS Africa
Ardent 64: HMS Agamemnon
Tonnant 80: Formidable, Indomptable
Bucentaure 80: Bucentaure, Neptune
ex-SP Landa 74: L'Intrepide
Temeraire 74: Scipion, Duguay-Trouin, Mont-Blanc, Aigle, Achille, Algesiras, FOUGUEUX, Argonaute, Redoutable, Heros, Pluton
ex-UK Elizabeth 74: BERWICK, Swiftsure
Montanes 80: Montanes, Monarca, Neptuno, Argonauta
Landa 74: San Ildefonso
ex-San Pedro Alcantara rebuild 74: Bahama
Gautier 74's San Agustin, San Francisco de Asis, San Juan Nepomuceno, San Justo
Landa 64: San Leandro

Coquille 40: Themis
Virginie 40: Cornelie, Rhin [W2 Hebe 38]
Hortense 40: Hortense, Hermione[W2 Hebe 38]

Apollo 36: HMS Euryalus
Phoebe 36: HMS Phoebe
Sirius 36: HMS Sirius

unk 8-gun schooner: HMS Pickle
ex-FR unk 10-gun cutter Entreprenante
Abeille 16/18-gun brig: Furet
Vigilant 16-gun brig: Argus

Either a Bucentaure or Tonnant can pass for the other; Jacques-Noel Sane designed both and designed Bucentaure as a Tonnant with a few improvements from previous builds' lessons-learned.
Hortense is an evolution of Virginie, another pair of Sane designs. Virginie is credited by some sources as a development of the Hebe-class, confirmed for release in Wave 2.

1. Cross-check on Revenge possible Temeraire heritage? Revenge is almost identical statistically to the RN's rearmed and refitted Temeraires, and Conqueror is similar in stats--these are definitely a thing where visual comparisons, whether blueprints and draughts or artwork or just already-built accurate models, are required.

04-23-2013, 19:27
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