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  1. The big Five
  2. The ship I want to command
  3. Do we need a card based game version of Sails of Glory?
  4. The first Sail of Glory Ship in my hands
  5. In Which Navy Would You Have Served?
  6. Which Movie Is Your Favorite?
  7. Poll: Which is your favorite naval book series?
  8. Which 'Rate' of ship are you most interested in playing?
  9. Which is your favorite age-of-sail traditional war-game?
  10. What geographical Area are you from?
  11. What do you want to see on game mats?
  12. Would you buy a shirt with our new masthead on it for $19 not including shipping?
  13. What Do You Intend to Buy?
  14. What Nationality Would You Like Next?
  15. Would You Participate in a Kickstater for a War of 1812 Expansion?
  16. Favorite Nautical Tune
  17. You first command out of your own Starter Set Box
  18. Flipping cards, or buying two ships?
  19. How many Starter Sets do you own?
  20. Favourite ship type basic game/series I
  21. Do you participate in the Sails of Glory contest?
  22. What Ratings do we need most?
  23. Chits, Printable Charts, or Laminated Reusable Charts?
  24. Favourite Age of Sail fiction?
  25. Use of Chits in Your Games
  26. How many ships do you own.
  27. Have you actually been on the open ocean?
  28. How many Ships for SoG do you own in 2023?
  29. What class of ship do you prefer captaining?