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  2. English/British Naval History to 1815
  4. French Frigate Concorde (36) Scrap Book Page
  5. British Frigate HMS Concorde (36) Scrapbook page
  6. French Frigate Hermione (1779) Ships Bio
  7. British Frigate HMS Juno (1780) Ships Biography
  8. French Frigate Embuscade (1790) Ships Biography
  9. British Frigate HMS Cleopatra (1779) Ships Biography
  10. SHIP LISTINGS for the major NAVAL powers.
  11. British 74 gun Ship of the Line HMS Bellona (1760) Ships Biography
  12. Bellona-class ships of the line
  13. Amazon Class frigates of 1773
  14. Concorde Class Frigates
  15. Téméraire-class ships of the line
  16. French Ship of the Line (74) Fougueux
  17. The Elements and Practice of Rigging And Seamanship, 1794, by David Steel
  18. Need Turkish fleet info
  19. The French traite of multiple name changes
  20. French Ship of the Line (74) Commerce de Bordeaux (1786) Ships Biography
  21. Océan-class ship of the line
  22. The Naval General Service Medal (NGSM) - British
  23. On this day 18 September - the French and the British engage in the Indian Ocean
  24. Article on US Navy clothing War of 1812
  25. Flag, Pennant, Ceremony, et al. Protocols
  26. British Maritime Video Library on YouTube
  27. Regulations for Service at Sea Reproduction
  28. Small magazine
  29. The Captain's Clerk
  30. Turkish Naval Museum link
  31. The Community Library
  32. Looking for info on Naval Figureheads and naming schemes
  33. Free ebook Nelson the Commander by Geoffrey Bennett
  34. Battles of the British Navy
  35. Napoleonic Invasion Barge
  36. Can't Post New Book Review
  37. Online Site containing AoS information - tactics, rigging, armament, etc.
  38. Seamanship in the Age of Sail by John Harland
  39. The Ships of Trafalgar
  40. How to sail a Fully Rigged Ship - The Sorlandet
  41. Alexander Kent's books - need a recommendation
  42. Architectura Navalis Mercatoria - Dover Books reprint
  43. The Elements and Practice of Rigging And Seamanship, 1794, by David Steel
  44. Text-Book of Seamanship, 1891
  45. Handbook of 19th Century Naval Warfare
  46. The Thomson Collection of Ship Models
  47. Canadian Military Journal - Online
  48. Since the Book Review Subconference Post Page Is Broken....
  49. New books of interest
  50. Is there any reason why I can't post a book review?
  51. Book Review of Commander: The Life and Exploits of Britain's Greatest Frigate Captain
  52. By Wind and Iron-Book to be Published September 2014 (November in US)
  53. Free Kindle Books
  54. An interesting book I discovered this weekend
  55. The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships
  56. A Method of Concentrating the Fire of a Broadside
  57. Art of Sailing Ships
  58. Naval Intelligence in the Age of Sail
  59. Which museums you can advise?
  60. British flags in red, blue or white?
  61. Dutch Warships in the Age of Sail 1600-1714
  62. Midshipman versus Warrant Officer versus Flag Officer.
  63. Nelson's Navy
  64. "Choice of Broadsides"
  65. The Line of Battle: The Sailing Warship 1650-1840
  66. Naval War of 1812 on the lakes: Terrific video and book recommendations
  67. MaritimeGB on youtube
  68. Just startrd in ernest.
  69. Portraits of Royal Navy officers XIX century
  70. A new book to read!
  71. New Book On The Horizon
  72. Ramage (volume 1) free on Kindle at the moment
  73. With the Lightnings free on Kindle at the moment
  74. On my desk this morning . . .
  76. "Life aboard a Man O War"
  77. New Book on "Naval War of 1812"
  78. An often overlooked (free) resource for material: academia.edu
  79. Commodore Hull; Papers of Isaac Hull--HathiTrust Digital Collections
  80. Mystic Seaport Museum-Digital Collections
  81. New York Public Library Digital Collections--Stereogranimator
  82. US Ship Plans--US National Archives
  83. Naval Wars in the Baltic
  84. Something to read.
  85. New book review link on naval guns and others
  86. Yet another resource!
  87. Book suggestions
  88. Just in.
  89. List of enagagements in the war of 1812
  90. New book?
  91. Good book on Fighting Sail for precocious pre-teen
  92. Haynes HMS Victory.
  93. New book?
  95. Defences of Bermuda.
  96. New to the collection... less than 3 dollars.
  97. Trafalgar by Benito Pérez Galdós
  98. Sea of Gray (2006)
  99. The Original Charter of the English East India Company
  100. Ancient and Modern Ships: Wooden Sailing Ships
  101. Sailing Ships and their Story
  102. The Sailing Ships of New England, 1607-1907
  103. Cut and run.
  104. "The History of the Royal Indian Marine" (1929 article)
  105. "The Royal Navy 1793-1815."
  106. Italian book: "Guida pratica ai velieri di tutto il mondo"
  107. Sir Edward Berry.
  108. The Face of The Enemy.
  109. Great battle story about an American privateer in 1814
  110. Empire of the Seas
  111. Intro to Bomb Vessels
  112. Daring Moves on the Niagara
  113. 'Zeal Intelligence and Intrepidity': Naval irregular warfare and the War of 1812
  114. Lavery's "Nelson's Navy"
  115. Golden Harvest: The British Naval Prize System, 1793-1815
  116. The Profits of Privateering (War of 1812)
  117. Virginia Privateers in the War of 1812
  118. Visual Deck comparison?
  119. Lake Ontario Fleets in the War of 1812
  120. By the Mast Divided.
  121. Storm & Conquest: The Battle for the Indian Ocean, 1808-10
  122. Technology and Empire: Comparing Dutch and British Maritime Technologies
  123. Ports, Islands, and Empire: The Private Trading Worlds of the East India Company
  124. A walk through of the different ships in Sails of glory
  125. British Seapower and the Mysore Wars
  126. Free Access to JSTOR Journal Database
  127. Osprey Is Giving Away Free Ebooks
  128. Magazines and Journals
  129. History of the Norwegian flag [In Norwegian - NO]
  130. British Navy Lists
  131. Age of Sail Documentaries - YouTube List
  132. McBooks Press Quarterdeck
  133. Philip K Allan and Dawlish Blog
  134. "The Life of Admiral Viscount Exmouth" by Edward Osler
  135. The 1816 Bombardment of Algiers
  136. Royal Navy Officers of the Seven Years War--Book of Possible Interest
  137. Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail (Tunstall and Ireland) and Nelson's Navy for Sale
  138. The Continental Risque.
  139. Napoleonic Naval Armaments 1792-1815
  140. The Spanish at Trafalgar: Ships, cannons, men and a problematic alliance
  141. Interesting Article on the Efficacy of the RN from an Economic Perspective
  142. Some thing for the long winter nights.
  143. French Warships in the Age of Sail
  144. Good book on frigate tactics
  145. The strategic and operational war?
  146. The Reaper.
  147. This book seems like it would be of definite interest!
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  149. After a long long search
  150. Present from a friend.
  151. Just Arrived in the Mail