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  1. Ohio: For future reference...
  2. Washington: Enfilade 2013 (Olympia, WA)
  3. National: Origins 2013
  4. Florida: Hurricon in Orlando Florida Sept 26 - 29
  5. MD & DC: Sails of Savage Mill (Maryland)
  6. Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin Campaign Group?
  7. National: It's Here! It's Here!
  8. National: West Fargo, ND Demo and Games.
  9. National: Maine: Huzzah!
  10. Ohio: Sails of Glory events in Columbus
  11. SoG at Cold Wars, Lancaster PA
  12. Michigan Cool City Games
  13. Illinois: Beat to Quarters - Illinois/Wisconsin
  14. National: Minnesota?
  15. Florida: Orlando area (Altamonte)
  16. National: prairie schooner
  17. National: Greetings from Connecticut
  18. California Welcome California SoG squids, salts, and swabbies!
  19. National: Milwaukee Metro SoG group
  20. Arizona: Permission to come aboard
  21. Florida: Brooksville/Tampa Florida Area
  22. Pennsylvania: SoG at Fall-In! Lancaster, PA Nov 7-9 2014
  23. Illinois: ROCKCON is Back! 7-9 NOV 2014
  24. North Carolina: South Carolina
  25. National: Hi from Exeter NH
  26. National: Indiana: Loisville, Ky. area
  27. Texas: ChupacabraCon (Austin, TX)
  28. Tennessee: New players
  29. National: Looking for players in Western Kentucky, Evansville IN Area
  30. National: Hello, everyone! I have a question regarding building a fleet.
  31. Illinois: Game Day July 11
  32. North Carolina: Looking for players in Raleigh/Fayetteville area
  33. Pennsylvania: Philadelphia group
  34. MD & DC: Looking for Players in Northeastern Maryland, not the DC area
  35. National: Sails of Glory in Portland, Oregon 11/06/2016
  36. National: Newbie getting ready to sail in glory
  37. Mass: Sails of Glory at Huzzah! in Portland, ME
  38. New York: looking for Players in Binghamton ,NY area
  39. California Yo ho from the West Coast
  40. Ohio: New to the Forum
  41. Ohio: Looking for Sails of Glory Captains in the Dayton, Ohio area.
  42. New York: Permission to come aboard.
  43. National: My Lurker---hello everyone
  44. National: Sails of Glory at Cold Wars 2018 ?
  45. National: Greetings from Arkansas, USA! (Yes, we’re landlocked!)
  46. National: Ahoy me lads!
  47. Arizona: Port Gun Salute and raise signal flags to the SoG Anchorage.
  48. National: Sails of Glory at Historicon 2018 in Lancaster, PA ?
  49. Texas: Introduction!
  50. Mass: Huzzah! 2018: Battle of the Virginia Capes
  51. Mass: A smaller Trafalgar project...
  52. National: Sailing (and Flying) This Weekend
  53. Washington: Pacific Northwest: Enfilade 2019
  54. Mass: A smaller Trafalgar Project - AAR
  55. Mass: Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of War...
  56. National: Milwaukee players?
  57. National: Why are only certain states available as prefixes?
  58. Illinois: Best Spanish SOG ship SOL
  59. New York: Council of Five Nations
  60. National: Midwinter Gaming Convention
  61. National: A brief introduction and doing a geographic
  62. New York: New Ensign from Liverpool, New York
  63. MD & DC: New(er) Captain in Northern Virginia
  64. Mass: Remote gaming with Sails of Glory
  65. New York: Time to fight the USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere.
  66. Pennsylvania: Historicon 2020 Cancelled
  67. New York: Hudson River Valley Gets Seal Approval
  68. New York: Council of Five Nations Cancelled for this Fall
  69. New York: WW II D E USS Slater on Hudson River Tomorrow
  70. National: Finding Ships in the Milwaukee Area
  71. New York: FREEDOM !!!!
  72. National: Carnage 23 is Cancellled
  73. New York: Hudson Valley Pirate Festival
  74. National: Hello From Virginia
  75. National: Hawaii: Any Sailors
  76. National: Cold Wars 2021 Cancelled
  77. National: Happy Birthday America.
  78. National: Fresh Minnesota Lakes Sailor
  79. Pennsylvania: SOG at HMGS Cold Wars March 9-12
  80. National: HAWAII: Ahoy from an Old Mate
  81. National: Virtual Game?
  82. National: Happy Fourth.