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  3. Signal the fleet!
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  9. draft Land and Boat Variant Rules Uploaded
  10. Movement when base-to-base with a stationary object
  11. House Rule - Carronades
  12. House Rule - OIbusiers and Howitzers
  13. Advanced Boarding at the end of combat instead of at the end of planning
  14. More interesting shoals
  15. Heated shot?
  16. Collison Damage too Harsh?
  17. Obstructed Line of Sight
  18. Missing your Tack!
  19. Victory Conditions - Based on the Ares Point Values and Battlefleet Gothic Rules.
  20. Andy's demo house rules
  21. sailing close to the wind
  22. Airship pirates!!
  23. resolving boarding: much more realistic
  24. Less damage counters against a sloop?
  25. What do ya do with a Wizkids sailor (earli in the mornin')?
  26. Weather Effects
  27. Up Helm, a suggestion for small tweets to movement
  28. R.F.P-T: *Really* Simple Die-Based Damage Rules
  29. Requesting playtest, two special ships
  30. Quick and Dirty: Bow/Stern Chasers
  31. Prize crews
  32. SGN Tournament Rules -- interest?
  33. Cable spring while at anchor
  34. Request for Playtest: Enhanced Maneuverability rule
  35. Turning into & away from the wind (and tweak suggestion)
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  38. Tacking action?
  39. A try at advanced rules without crew actions.
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  41. Wind Speed Changes
  42. "Clear for Action!"
  43. fast moving ships harder to hit?