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  1. Ammunition Range and Effect Questions
  2. Standard Rules Movement
  3. Next Vid is up as a Preview - COMBAT!
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  5. Fireships and 'cutting out expeditions'.
  6. Collissions
  7. Generic rules discussion thread, not a question thread
  8. Continuous Fire (optional rule)
  9. Windage
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  11. Collision Example #2
  12. Raking Shot Example (Page 26 of Rulebook)
  13. SoG image files
  14. Taken aback question
  15. Counter limit
  16. Multiple Repair/Extinguish Fire/Pump Actions?
  17. Wind strength: problem with the rules, the components, or me?
  18. Range ruler?
  19. When does a ship surrender?
  20. Couple of rules enquiries
  21. Aiming high
  22. The optional rule "Continuous Fire:" Why would you NOT use that (if being used)
  23. Extinguish fire
  24. Boarding and Grappling
  25. Forced Aim
  26. Taken aback and veer
  27. Taken aback (2nd turn/2 hourglass) veer 5
  28. Checking attitude in planning phase ?
  29. Raking question
  30. C Damage Counter that has cloud on it?
  31. Damage distribution
  32. Use of damage tokens as markers
  33. Basic Rules: Veer Number on Maneuver Cards
  34. Congreve Rockets Help
  35. Firing Both Broadsides at the Same Target!
  36. The sideway slip and mast damage
  37. Hull damage, crew casualties and crew actions
  38. Is it possible to ...drift?
  39. Shoals and Reefs
  40. Black Border vs. Red Border Card Movement
  41. HELP! I've dropped my eyeglass and can't find a target! (What blocks fire?)
  42. small question about scenario setup
  43. Broken Mast into the wind
  44. Veer 5 into the wind
  45. Fire on ship and the proper way to resolve
  46. What about those Optional Rules?
  47. first broadside a thought
  48. How about repairing a mast
  49. Range Ruler
  50. Ship Damage Track
  51. "Target is Missed and Takes No Damage"
  52. What happens the turn after ships bump?
  53. Magical Reefs?
  54. wind attitude question
  55. Rules For Merchant Ships?
  56. How do you measure your shots?
  57. Matters arising from last night
  58. Taken Aback vs Broken Mast
  59. anchoring and taken aback
  60. Rules for Merchantmen Up Dated
  61. Illegal maneuvers planned
  62. Damage markers
  63. Rule Questions - Veer, Actions, Struck Sails
  64. French 1st Rates
  65. Costal Batteries.
  66. Collision damage
  67. Broken Masts on A I Ships
  68. The Maneuver Card Decks
  69. Clarification of rules help
  70. Mast Damage
  71. Delayed Actions
  72. First game
  73. Orange zone.
  74. First broadside and double shotting
  75. Solo Play AI pump water action
  76. Two newbie questions about being taken aback
  77. Introduction and Movement rules.
  78. Am I mis-understanding the Boarding rules?
  79. Full Sails Question
  80. Struck Sails Clarification
  81. Fire and Sail Damage
  82. An interesting situation.
  83. Anyone an idea on this.
  84. Ships in contact after collision
  85. Partial Broadsides
  86. Using red border cards
  87. Fire and leak question - one ship box per?
  88. Strange chits.
  89. Boarding with Advanced Rules
  90. Line of fire?
  91. Struck sails and needing to reverse....
  92. "Boom" Card Equivalent ??
  93. Double Hull Leak on Same Volley
  94. How much decks?
  95. Powder Monkey question
  96. Repair question from recent newb :-) (moved)
  97. Which Ruleset Do You Usually Play?
  98. Sum up the broadsides
  99. A misunderstanding?
  100. Ship damage question
  101. Separated rules document
  102. Water pump clarification
  103. Red border cards
  104. Fire on board
  105. Running Aground
  106. Newbie -Please explain Veer
  107. First rate broadsides
  108. Handling of Damage Counters - one bag per type or several?
  109. Crew Damage Representation disproportionate for small and big vessels?
  110. Full stop and struck sails rule
  111. Captain and crew abilities