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  1. Origins 2013 Demo Game - Friday 0900
  2. Origins 2013 - Saturday 10am
  3. Origins 2013 - Saturday Noon
  4. Flatcon Demo Game
  5. Solitaire Games
  6. Trial Run with the Kids
  7. Sitting Ducks first play.
  8. Misadventures of a fresh sailor: Sitting Ducks
  9. Battle of the Murg estuary; Protected ducks
  10. After Action Report with Pics
  11. A Landman's Sea Duty has just begun! Anchored British Ships attacked by the French.
  12. Two days two games taught.
  13. Battle of Grand Port Play test
  14. Cold Wars Convention AAR The Battle of Grand Port
  15. Skirmish in the South Pacific
  16. Enemy in Sight! The SGN adventure begins with a blast!
  17. Firts SoG game with gaming buddy
  18. First game with Advanced Rules
  19. Sails of Glory on board the USS Olympia
  20. "Avoiding Confrontations" From the historical scenario book
  21. Bellerophon and Defence vs Redoubtable and Aquilon
  22. Single Player Game "Capture the Fort!"
  23. test of Solo rules and paper logsheets: a lengthy AAR
  24. Solo Rules Test AAR--Blackbeard vs. Black Bart and Jack Sparrow
  25. Diecon - Battle of Lissa
  26. Britannia Rule the Waves
  27. "The Lineup" by 7eat51 at Origins 2014
  28. "Save & secure or captured & confiscated" by 7eat51 at Origins 2014
  29. AAR: Battle of Cape Ortegal (Strachan's Action) Historicon
  30. AAr (in pictures): On Equal Terms (Solo)
  31. A Battle of Titans
  32. The exploits of Captain Jack Union
  33. A couple of solo games using 'Powder Monkey' solo rules
  34. Un Trio de Batailles Navales
  35. Battle of Lissa at Cold Wars
  36. A skirmish with Frigates
  37. Test Game of Battle of San Domingo
  38. LinCon 2015, Battle of San Domingo
  39. First game at the club
  40. Glorious First of June was a great success!
  41. A Glorious Tumult
  42. Honours not so even.
  43. Nelson and Jack Sparrow tag team the French in the Caribbean.
  44. Origins 6th June 2015 To catch a spy
  45. Action of July 7th, 1794
  46. A Dire Strait - 8 players game.
  47. Cape Henry (Savage Mill, MD - August 3, 2015)
  48. Game night with the Zirndorf Flight
  49. "Enemy In Sight!" Solitaire Skirmish
  50. Skirmish Between Le Swiftsure and HMS Goliath (Solitaire)
  51. Frigate Skirmish AAR
  52. United States vs England, Solitaire AAR
  53. Two Battles
  54. Using points for Sails of Glory?
  55. Sails of Glory: HMS Defence vs. Genereux
  56. 3 games in Ashington!
  57. HMS Spartiate v Argonauta
  58. AAR. Orpheus vs Dryade.
  59. AAR. Cartegena blockade.
  60. AAR. The Merchantman.
  61. AAR Une rencontre fortuite.
  62. Another Merchantman scenario
  63. AAR HMS Vanguard vs Commerce De Marseille
  64. Captains sir Edward Pellew and Jack Aubrey goes at it.
  65. hunting the Commerce de Marseilles
  66. 74's against the Spanish!
  67. AAR. Captain Kiwi finds his sea legs.
  68. The Bear and the Wolves
  69. Battle of glory
  70. 2 battles in one day!
  71. Sunday's skirmish in Prague
  72. Clear for Action
  73. Run out the Guns
  74. Friday night we play with our wives.
  75. Cptain Sealegs nemesis.
  76. Sacking of Port Puissant
  77. Sacking of Port Puissant Remarks.
  78. First battle on LinCon
  79. A matter of Pirates.
  81. Trafalgar 2016 - The View from Villenueve
  82. AAR And now for something completely similar.
  83. Take the High Ground!
  84. HMS Unite and Cleopatra vs Aquilon
  85. Stand by Larboard Guns!
  86. First family high jinks, or how to keep a 15yr old interested
  87. Ifigenia Takes A Prize
  88. Testing G-Two's SoG Solo Interface
  89. Battle of Abukir Test Game
  90. A little Frigate game!
  91. Goat Island
  92. Trying an 1814 'what if'
  93. La vengeance du capitaine Kiwi.
  94. Battle of the Nile at GothCon 2017
  95. Trouble in the South Atlantic.
  96. Escape from St Helena an alternative reality (Trouble in the South Atlantic).
  97. Bataille d'Aboukir (1798) at Doncaster 2017
  98. The Wild Goose Chase.
  99. Captain Kiwi and the Fog of War Part Two.
  100. Constitution 1798 vs HMS Concorde & HMS Unite (during testing)
  101. 2 vs 2 Frigate Action
  102. AAR and User's Guide to SoG Tracker App (Windows)
  103. Frigate Action off of Guadeloupe (4 on 4)
  104. Captain Kiwi and the Fog of war continued.
  105. Baltic upset.
  106. Cochrane and the Spanish treasure ship.
  107. First Game.... I'm hooked
  108. First Game.... I'm hooked
  109. No pictures, but an extremely fun game!
  110. Sour mistake(s) - beginners' lessons in solo play
  111. Back after 15 months!
  112. A small diversion.
  113. AAR, Historical Scenario, Action 20-10-1778, The Anglo-French War
  114. Gaming with wife: Proserpine vs Amelia
  115. Holiday snapshots.
  116. New Medal.
  117. New Medal.
  118. Battle of the Choptank
  119. French Froggy Frigates!
  120. Our first pirate battle
  121. A Short After Action Video
  122. The Fog Bank - Wings of Prague 2019
  123. Near the coast - Wings of Prague 2019
  124. Two Lucky Broadsides
  125. Calypso rules the waves
  126. The Treasure Ship
  127. AAR. The Le Havre Incident.
  128. AAR: April 1799 The first battle of Toulon
  129. Davids Vs Goliath
  130. 2015 01 When the Fog Lifts
  131. First time was a blast!
  132. SOG Action at HPYC hosted by Dobbs
  133. 2015 02 Our Ships were British Oak, and hearts of oak our men
  134. Captain Smith gets his feet wet.
  135. USS Constitution versus HMS Sybille
  136. Leaving on a Flood Tide
  137. You can cut that out Captain.
  138. USS Constitution Versus HMS Guerriere (HMS Sybille)
  139. HMS Swan versus USS Thorn (Reindeer versus Wasp)
  140. Action off of Windmill Point
  141. Bonhomme Richard versus the HMS Isis
  142. An affair in Morroco.
  143. A night onboard the BH
  144. AAR for the 2014 Campaign
  145. Supplies are coming
  146. An affair in Morocco (Part two)
  147. An Affair in Morocco (Part Three)
  148. AAR - 2nd scenario for the 2014 campaign by ShadowDragon
  149. AAR - my last game for the 2014 Campaign
  150. An Affair in