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  1. Pictures of prototypes
  2. Napoleonic naval Library
  3. Period of history covered by the game
  4. What would you like to see in SOG?
  5. GAMES
  6. Chrismas spirit????
  7. A good raking
  8. pictures of the ships
  9. The British 38 in Games
  10. What Ship Models Do You Own?
  11. Napoleonic Era Naval War Movies
  12. What Is Your Favorite Book?
  13. Say again?
  14. Artist Appointed for Sails of Glory
  15. Old Song
  16. Wooden Ships & Iron Men DVD
  17. Lot of Reading to Do
  18. Ship's Cat
  19. Favourite rules
  20. New Albums
  21. Broadsides and Boarding Parties
  22. Download of Radio Play
  23. Terrain
  24. The shape of things that came
  25. Wings of war site hacked?
  26. Napoleonic Fair, Vitoria 2012
  27. Test - No need to reply
  28. Latest news
  29. Early Offerings
  30. Audio Book of The Naval War of 1812
  31. board size discussion from 'what models do you own thread'
  32. My 3D Printer has arrived - But I am out of town!
  33. Has anyone been a secret playtester? Can the system really handle fleet actions..
  34. Running a Press Gang
  35. Speaking of Converts
  36. Future Waves of Sails of Glory
  37. Time Range
  38. Updating Medals
  39. Langton Islands
  40. Movement in SOG
  41. Action under sails ?
  42. Now we have an idea of the official schedule, anyone thinking of Shapeways?
  43. Standard Rules Posted
  44. Victory and her relatives... (Second card ideas)
  45. Discussion about the game bases
  46. No Points Matches?
  47. Prototype Game
  48. 3D Fortress Modeling Project
  49. 3D Ship Modeling Project
  50. SOG Game Mat versus... well, something else
  51. Wave 1 Ship Packs
  52. Bowchasers and Stern guns
  54. HOT SHOT
  58. SOG on pre-order in Australia
  60. Land Ho!
  61. Sails of Glory and Wings of Glory at "Si Gioca"
  62. Sail on the Horizon...KS Survey Approaching!
  63. Good Extras vs Dust Collectors
  66. Some other useful Wikipedia lists...
  67. Devdoc's After Action Report
  68. Win some, Lose some or DRAW
  69. Sail of Glory Line
  70. Hornblower Saga
  71. Alternate/Double Sided Ship Card List
  72. For those of you that have played a SoG demo...
  73. Running Demo Games
  74. New Posts not working properly?
  75. How do most people plan to play SoG?
  76. One Mans Perspective - First Game Played
  77. Convetion Demo game issues?
  78. Millenniumcon
  79. couple of newbie questions
  80. Production game component question, probably for Keith
  81. Game scale and alternative movement options
  82. Time per turn
  83. Victory and Constitution?
  84. A newbie wants to bring up merchant ships again
  85. How many frigates equal a SOL?
  86. Scenario booklet released, or still coming?
  87. Exact height of the ships
  88. Book Reviews
  89. Sails Ho! SoG has hit land...
  90. Pondering the limits of the game
  91. first game
  92. Overall thoughts on SoG Box Set & Ships
  93. Wooden Ruler vs. Cardboard
  94. Vote for Sails of Glory on BoardGameGeek
  95. tee-shrits
  96. Thoughts on Custom Cards...
  97. SGN review and AAR on my blog
  98. Need for a QRS?
  99. british sailors
  100. Anyone thinking about forts?
  101. Sails of Glory--Android or Apple App A Possibility?
  102. damage tokens
  103. Assembling the game...
  104. Spreadsheet of ship stats
  105. First Game, thoughts and observations. Is it a balanced game?
  106. So... how many ships?
  107. Extra Bases and more
  108. Strike Zee Colours Mon Ami! Zee British Are Tres Scary?
  109. Does anyone find that the game is *too* quick?
  110. Sorting these components...
  111. Who will be last?
  112. Wave 1: The "Must Haves"?
  113. Kickstarter Exclusive cards in trhe game ... what do they do and how are they used?
  114. Slippery Game Mats
  115. Who HAS NOT received their KS
  116. News Flash! Columbus Was Clueless!
  117. Figuring out formulas on SGN stats?
  118. Inexpensive alternatives to Damage Counter Bags
  119. Unhappy Girlfriend
  120. KS Ships?
  121. Tacking
  122. Will Kickstarter exclusives ever be generally available?
  123. The Spanish Fleet
  124. Thinking about a points system
  125. Exclusive ships are they exclusive model or just different paint job
  126. Using the Saptain & Crew Ability Deck
  127. What is the scale on the reverse side of the ruler for?
  128. Smoke Problem?
  129. First game with actual Kickstarter set and component observations
  130. Best Advanced Rules Reference Sheet I've Found To Date (BGG Link)
  131. Still waiting
  132. How many ships per player
  133. Mats you use
  134. Wargames Illustrated 316
  135. Ship log question
  136. Card sleeves size?
  138. HMS Victory
  139. What exactly is supposed to be included at the captain pledge level?
  140. SOG goes to school 2014
  141. Points of sailing
  142. Sails of Glory at Game ON! last week
  143. Sailing practice
  144. The Last Square 15% Off Sale on Sails of Glory Ships
  145. What's a New Snotty to do?
  146. How many Damage counter sets?
  147. Missing Files in Download Section
  148. Wave 2 KS terms announced
  149. A Shout-Out for Keith and Ares!
  150. "Granularity" of the wind
  151. Yet Another Damage Draw Discussion
  152. Finally got almost everything
  153. Marking Ship Models
  154. Spanish Main
  155. Approved Demo Games?
  156. Wave 2 Ships
  157. Sails of Glory Facebook Story--Spanish Edition to be Published Next Week
  158. SGN at the Naval Wargames Show
  159. First game of Sails
  160. Good books on French Navy and french officers?
  161. Anchorage photo weirdness
  162. First engagment
  164. Need some help with a memory refresher
  165. My first "real" battle
  166. Sails of glory point system?
  167. Lacking Training in SoG
  168. HMB Endeavour pics
  169. Some belated first impressions
  170. Mag-Con 2014 AAR
  171. Complete Content List uploaded
  172. Wave 2 Information?
  173. Second Rates
  174. First Game Questions
  175. Sails of Glory PDFs
  176. Homework, gents! Sorting out the Spanish...
  177. Mitigating or removing player elimination
  178. Anyone maneuvering in line of battle?
  179. Wave 2 ship's mats details
  180. Taken Aback and Entanglement rules
  181. The 'Quarterdeck' (for Ship Mat, Ship Log, Ship Card, Maneuver Card(s))
  182. Expanding base set tips
  183. Ship Logs - Starter Set, Wave 1, Wave 2 (All 48)
  184. Curious about the difference in fore-mainsail on Hebe frigates
  185. Sails of Glory Record Breaker at GenCon 2014
  186. Almost to 1 Million Visitors to the Anchorage
  188. Need Help Looking for Info on 2 Venetian Frigates
  189. Assistance requested
  190. My fleet
  191. Your experiences playing with Wave 2 ships?
  192. Terminology Question
  193. Game aids from Origins
  194. The log for pirate ship Blood Raven
  195. Superiority of the Royal Navy
  196. New Sloops, are they worth it?
  197. Smoke Haze
  198. Proper magnet size for all ships
  199. Anybody got a spare "A" deck?
  200. You get ONE ship...
  201. Historicon (July 17-20) 2014--SGN
  202. British and French lists
  203. HMS Spartiate. SOG conversion
  204. Some files are missing
  205. Video reviews
  206. Background sound effects
  207. Help a new player decide which ships to get
  208. Custom playmats
  209. Gen Con Sails of Glory Record Breaking Battle--2014
  210. Ten GenCons ago...
  211. Talking damage
  212. Dutch ship of 1700. SOG Conversion.
  213. SeaFall
  214. Sails Game Mat is too slippery? Issues with ship bases sliding too easily?
  215. Streamlining SoG
  216. HMS Britannia, Commerce de Bordeaux and Hermione.
  217. Shipping Issues
  218. Minor rules update posted on Ares site
  219. SGN Sales
  220. Sea Monster rules
  221. Much to less informations from Ares!
  222. Some desired input...
  223. Sea Trials
  224. Here is my new review of the current expansions to Sails of Glory
  225. New Packaging
  226. Waterloo Minis Returns
  227. French fleet & English fleet.
  228. Anyone going to the SGN fleet action this Sat., at Games of Berkeley, in CA?
  229. Langton miniatures. Spanish ship of early eighteenth century. CONQUISTADOR.
  230. SoG at MillenniumCon
  231. SOG and other games at GASP con in Pittsburgh
  232. About to dive into SOG and I would like some advice first.
  233. Base game $40 for Nov. 6
  234. WHAT DA FRICK?!
  235. 1st Rates vs 3rd Rates ... a question of firepower
  236. Where do I go from here?
  237. Pirates of Glory?
  238. Black Friday Deals at CoolStuff
  239. 12-7-Games Black Friday Coupon Code--10% off EVERYTHING!
  240. HMS Victory & USS Constitution
  241. Game tactics
  242. 2D to 3D Software recommendation?
  243. Napoleon in Sails of Glory
  244. The ideal number of ships per player in a game.
  245. Solo Rules
  246. Statistics spreadsheet updated for Wave1 reprint
  247. A few thoughts on the new ships
  248. Crew Strength
  249. Use of Card Sleeves?
  250. Fleet pictures?