Various storage options I've looked at for SGN.
  1. 100 2425 Chocolate Ammo Can, end view. This can looks big enough to hold two Third Rate 74-gun SOL's, but I would NOT suggest...
  2. 100 2424 
CWC Chocolate Ammo Can, side view.
  3. 100 2426 
0.3L box, end view.
  4. 100 2427 
0.3L box, buttoned up, bottom view.
  5. 100 2428 
0.3L box, lid and log removed. Mast tops slot into the cavity in the base; I'm thinking some spray-foam for better separation.
  6. 100 2429 
Really Useful 0.3L box with Temeraire, loaded and ready for the rack.
  7. 100 2430 
Photo Case w/Swans, buttoned up and ready to go back in the rack for storage/travel.
  8. 100 2431 
Photo Case with Swans--pretty safe, you could probably get by with just a harder frame around the ships here.
  9. 100 2432 
Photo Case with Hebes, closed. Logs go over the top of the masts--I'd really prefer more protection for the mast, and I'm experimenting.
  10. 100 2433 
Iris KP-XLPHO Photo Case Organizer, single compartment showing two Hebes.
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