Participant Cards

Cards to make up as souvenirs for people who attend Cons or game demos?
  1. Sails of Glory Participation Card 
Enfilade 2017 
Olympia, Washington 
26th - 28th May 2017
  2. Sails of Glory Participation Card 
Origins 2017 
Columbus, Ohio 
14th - 18th June 2017
  3. Participation Card V2 
Same as before, but with the background more faded.  I used an "Outer Glow" effect ion my lettering that may not be...
  4. BlankCon 
A card for anyone wanting to create a custom card for a Con.  Using this image as a background, a person could use MS Word to create a...
  5. Sample Layout for BottosCon 2016 
I didn't create this soon enough to print and send to BottosCon, but someone there could?
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