Nelson & Norfolk Exhibition, Norwich Castle Museum Summer 2017

Photographs taken at the above exhibition with apologies for the poor focus in some of them.
  1. Captured ensign from the Généreux.
  2. Old photograph showing the ensign of Le Genereux on display.
  3. Explanation of the brass plaque.
  4. brass plaque.
  5. Samples taken from the ensign of Le Genereux.
  6. Cannon ball from the Battle of Copenhagen
  7. DSC01485
  8. Bust of Nelson with temporary small addition by me.
  9. Nelson's cabin chair
  10. Nelson's cabin chair
  11. Print of a picture of Lady Emma Hamilton.
  12. DSC01449
  13. Nelson's cocked hat from the Battle of the Nile.
  14. Portrait by W.Beechey.
  15. Nelson as a midshipman.
  16. DSC01440
  17. A rivet, piece of copper sheet and a piece of wood from H.M.S. Victory.
  18. The musket ball, which fatally wounded Lord Nelson and a sample of his hair in lockets.
  19. One of Nelson's undress uniform coats.  Note how small he was.
  20. The captured ensign of Le Genereux
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