USS Constitution

My visit to the Constitution
  1. More guns
  2. Another shot of the bow
  3. The bow
  4. The stern
  5. A few of us at the stern
  6. Rudder and draft markings
  7. stern
  8. The Guns
  9. Me
  10. Looking forward.
  11. Officer state room.
  12. The hatch to the magazine.
  13. The ladder down to the magazine and bread room. from the camera if you look right you see the bread room, looking left you see the magazine.
  14. The bread room.
  15. Yep
  16. This is a piece of original wood from the 1700's
  17. I wanted a little something to take home. They said I had to put it back.....sad face
  18. Magazine normally off limits
  19. Officer cabins
  20. Things rarely change
  21. Getting the history.
  22. Home for a sailor
  23. fire fighting.
  24. Lots of room down here.
  25. In the hold.
  26. In the hold. Normally off limits.
  27. In the hold Normally off limits.
  28. The tiller room. during one battle the helm was blown off and ships marines steered the ship from below decks.
  29. The wardroom. Normally off limits.
  30. Me at the helm. Its what we Quartermasters do.
  31. The bell
  32. A big gun.
  33. IMG 1207
  34. Reenlisting a sailor on the grog barrel
  35. Looking out the gallery
  36. The Captains quarters. Usually off limits.
  37. Starboard gallery. The Captains cabin. Usually off limits
  38. They use ships records to find out the names of the guns. If it has a name it has a plaque over it.
  39. Gifts from America
  40. Topside
  41. Rigging
  42. The business end
  43. The Stars and Stripes
  44. Brow Banner
  45. Stern gallery
  46. USS Constitution
  47. Just me
  48. Kevin and I, rainy day. still awesome.
  49. Stern
  50. Berthing.
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