Ship repaints

Mostly masts and rigging is all that's painted. In some ships, I paint a brown or sepia wash on the sides. Black parts get a dark grey dry brush to highlight edges.
  1. Diana, all yellow and beautiful. Love the frigates! They're pretty and elegant.
  2. Diana from port bow.
  3. L'Orient from port.
  4. L'Orient. A proper big ship!
  5. HMS Victory from behind.
  6. HMS Victory from port.
  7. HMS Victory sailing'.
  8. Príncipe de Asturias.
  9. Príncipe de Asturias and Sirena.
  10. Lovely Sirena.
  11. HMS Vanguard & HMS Meleager, port view.
  12. HMS Vanguard & HMS Meleager, stern view.
  13. HMS Amelia & HMS Africa, stern view.
  14. HMS Amelia & HMS Africa, port bow view.
  15. Roland. OF COURSE I was gonna buy the ship with my name on it!
  16. HMS Bellona.
  17. San Juan Nepomuceno y San Agustín.
  18. Proserpine!
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